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FTJ Cannons (7-1, draft)

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A well functioning deck showcasing the three thngs I want all my decks to have - bombs, removal, and excellent fixing.

P1P1 and P1P2 were Minotaur Platemaker and Coverfire Marksman, which put me into Rakano to start. Followed up with Pioneering Aviator and a Heretic's Cannon, but things quickly started to dry up. On the other hand, I noticed some really late time cards - P5 Tremorshocker was a pretty loud signal that it was open, but there were still a couple of good Rakano cards left. However, after that, I saw Venomous Mount and made the jump, grabbing around five more premium Time cards in a row. Finished out the deck looking like Combrei, hoping to splash for a few Fire cards.

P2, I continued filling out the deck, this time starting to take fixing aggressively in the form of banners and strangers. Picked up Stonescar Maul, Cannonbearer, Conflagrate, and some other good stuff. Continued with P3P1 Crested Runt. Noticed myself having big spikes in my 2-drops and 5-drops, which I tried to fix, to mixed success.

Games typically played out in a normal 'good draft deck' fashion - curve out, use removal or trades to clear the way, and eventually finish things out with Heretic's Cannon buffing something nasty. The one game I lost, opponent drew 10 extra cards off Expedition Leader and a bunch of shift units while I got too greedy buffing a unit with Emerald Ring before I equipped it with a Cannon, but that game was probably also winnable.

MVP: probably Corrupted Behemoth. Big, gains life, and blocks like a champ. Also good at wielding a Cannon.


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Influence Requirements
2 2 2

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5 7 8 1 3

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21 9 2

Card Types
18 5 5 0 17


September 10, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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