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MTPW - Gemblazer Cannon

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Gemblazer Cannon is another solid promo. I mean, it's a weapon, so making it work is as easy as finding a deck that likes weapons and putting it into that deck. A 3/3 weapon for 3 mana is already halfway decent, but this weapon operates on a two-turn clock, granting an extra 3 power and overwhelm to the equipped unit on every second attack. This deck is made to abuse that clock, featuring an entire deck of Berserk units!

Note: This isn't a ladder-climber, nor is it probably the best use of this promo card. But it is hella fun and pretty reliable to boot, so it beat out other decks I tested it in to present under this month's Making the Promo Work. The gameplan is simple: Play a berserking unit, then next turn equip it with the weapon and go berserk. There's a decent amount of card drawing available in the deck, so you should be able to get the cannon out at least once in most games. If you can go to face with two different units wielding the cannon, you should have the game won.

Good luck out there, folks! Video coming sometime this weekend.

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Does not include campaign cost

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2 2

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16 17 8

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21 29 8 4 1

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21 10 24 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Buried Memories [Set1105]


June 18, 2021


Eternal Version

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puchpuchacz Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Why no perma?
Jaxxis Edited Eternal Version: 21.06.09
Because I don't always think of the good things. :)

Tesseract's Technique is kind of a filler. Permafrost should fit there.