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4F Mono-T (7-2, draft)

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Well, this was an amusing draft. Took a bunch of Time cards with a couple of light splashes, which ended up working out. For the best, really - I'm a greedy person by nature, and there's pretty much no chance of me sticking to a mono-faction deck.

P1P1 was Desert Alchemist over a bad rare (Delay). P1P2 Steam Sprite opened up an alternative path, but P1P3-P1P5 were all more Time cards (Dunediver, Time Etchings, and Sage of Sands). Time was super open, so I pretty much just grabbed every card I saw.

P2P1, got greedy and grabbed an off-color legendary (Venomspine Hydra). Followed that up with P2P2 Sorcerer's Wand, which is an absurd card and arguably on-color. Admittedly difficult to splash for, but... I was also passed a Champion of Mystery and a little bit of fixing, so I decided to try to make it work. Time continued to be pretty open.

P3P1 I believe was Creation Chant to help out with the fixing situation. Time definitely felt less open in the draft packs, but I was still able to fill out the bottom end of my curve.

P4P1, got another legend (Worldpyre), which was nice, but not really playable. Continued just grabbing every Time card I saw.

Overall, deck turned out pretty well - mono-faction except for some easy splashes which were covered by the fixing I was able to pick up meant the power base was really consistent. Meanwhile, I was able to pick up a decent amount of interaction in the form of a few Disappears and some killer effects. This is probably also the first time I've ever got Champion of Mystery half-online - definitely worth splashing for it, and Sorcerer's Wand also carried its weight really well. I'm pretty sure I used it exclusively for the stun mode though - several opponents had big fliers that I didn't otherwise have a good answer to.

...I do wish I had a few cards available to throw in my market, but I ended up running every Time card in my pool other than a second Dunediver. Still, Time Etchings was fine as a bad Seek Power - I wanted to hit 8+ power for Omenscar Wurm, so drawing power was still fine.

MVP: Sand Warrior. Came out super consistently on turn 3 and allowed for very solid tempo plays to stabilize against early aggression and start beating down - there aren't a lot of 2 drops that can tangle with a 3/3.


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4 1 1 1

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11 3 2 2 2

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20 11 2

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19 1 10 0 15


July 10, 2020


Eternal Version
Argent Depths

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