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Praxis Midrange/Ramp (Rank 1 Expedition on 9/14/21)

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This is pretty simple Praxis midrange deck that I used to hit Rank 1 of Expedition today. Entered masters at 15 and went on a nice win streak to hit Rank 1. Some basic notes.

There is not a lot of sweepers in the meta right now , so I felt comfortable playing a bit more “mana dorks” and shooting for some higher end big hitters. This allowed me to play Apprentice Mage as the fourth piece of ramp which really made a big difference in getting to the big stuff faster and making the matchup against both aggro and midrange better.

I cut speed grafter and I am very happy with that cut. It was just slow and inefficient so with the extra ramp I felt like hitting my 6 drops was just so much more important. You still have access to the market though and I feel pretty good about into configuration but I almost always go for Supply Line or Shoal Custodian. The other slots are more flexible. I’ve tried other cards like Sandstone Scarf but ultimately liked a heavy artillery better here.

As for the top end I’ve really love all the 6 drops and wouldn’t cut a single one. Mainly because they don’t die to banish and Xenan is everywhere right now. Predatory carnasaur is by far the best of the lot and just answers everything in the format including Sandstone Titan, Davia, and Azindel so cleanly. Izumi is also great finisher and your only sentinel is sandstone titan so it doesn’t hurt you that much and can destroy an opposing sentinels deck single handedly. Speaking circle continues to be one of my favorite cards and performs so good because you inevitably have a ton of blockers to protect it.

Last thing I’ll say is that Lucent Guide is a house and I would love to fit a 4th in the deck. I never activate the ultimate once but a 5/5 body that dies into two 1/3 fliers is just so good. Same with the blueprints but just couldn’t make room to fit 4. It’s possible that Desert Alchemists numbers could be cut down a bit to to make room.

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2 4

Power Sources
11 22 8

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10 27 17 5 10

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38 6 7 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]


September 14, 2021


Eternal Version
Hour of Glass

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mookie Eternal Version: 21.09.02
Hit masters with this, thanks for sharing!

I'll call out Supply Lines -> Praxis Heirloom as an extremely satisfying line.