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Dr. No

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Piloted this thing to Masters twice, figured I'd put it up here. Turns out countermagic really works after all.

This deck is similar to some of the popular Jennev midrange decks, with a few innovations. First, the deck runs Unraveling Fanatic, which in combination with other changes is a major win condition for the deck. Second, the deck runs four copies of Mirror Image, which can be devastating in combination with a Fanatic about to pop, but can duplicate any large beater, or pull an extra card and burn off a Heart of the Vault. And finally, the use of countermagic is vastly expanded - a total of ten counterspells are in the deck. This allows the deck to protect an early fanatic (which can often be duplicated *and* protected the turn before it goes off on 5 mana), as well as counter mass removal or single-card win conditions such as Maul.

How to play: Mostly played like you would play another Jennev midrange deck, however, the first turns require some attention to detail. The deck should be mulliganed somewhat aggressively, and ideally will start with some ramp or a Teacher of Humility. If you get a Fanatic or a Disciplinary Weights to stick early, you will usually win. If not, the game basically devolves into a normal Jennev game. As far as the market is concerned, you should generally pull Zal Chi, Herald of War provided you will be able to play him immediately. Otherwise, pick whichever beater is most useful. Novaquake Titan is there to fix certain problems no other card will fix, and he has won me many an unwinnable game.

Notable Matchups:

Worst: Chainbrei and that stupid weapon deck. You know the one. Martyr's Chains is an unbeatable card for this deck, and Chainbrei will often get it out before you can be ready. Even Kaleb's Choice is not a perfect solution, as they will generally get a trigger off before you can play it. As for the weapon deck, you can defend yourself against most aggro decks, but this deck is just too insane, often facing you with some sort of 9/7 flying Hojan, Crownbreaker nonsense on like turn 3.

Best: Maul and Reanimator. Anything that depends on a single spell to win, really. Just save a counterspell for their win condition, and counter it. You should have plenty to go around, and your value will overwhelm them shortly thereafter.


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March 15, 2019

March 14, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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GuardTheGrey Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
The list looks awesome, but is the Novaquake Titan Really nessesary? Why not swap it out for something like Disjunction?
Mithlome Eternal Version: 1.44
Novaquake Titan lets a Jennev list do something Jennev normally struggles with, which is sweep the board (and in this case its a one-sided sweep). A one-sided sweep, for the low cost of about 16 mana and 2 turns of setup! It's...surprisingly worth it, if you can pull it off.

The combo is almost as good as just playing green and getting access to the best cards in the game.
Inaba_Reisen Eternal Version: 1.44
Actually, Disjunction used to be in that slot and remains a defensible choice now. I have found both are somewhat situational, but Novaquake was a game-saver a bit more often.
GGCrono Eternal Version: 1.44
Just loaded this up and swung for lethal with two 22/22s on turn five. This deck is my kind of crazy. :D

The only change I'd consider making to it would be adding a removal spell (probably Equivocate) to the market, to be grabbed as needed.
GGCrono Eternal Version: 1.44
Update: Piloted the deck to master and had a blast doing so! Thank you!

As I said above, I swapped Worldbearer in the market for Equivocate and I also added a couple of banners to the powerbase because I felt like I wasn't hitting FFF reliably enough. Aside from that, though, I played it as-is.
GGCrono Eternal Version: 1.44
Funny thing: I actually ran into you the other day while piloting this deck... and accidentally conceded after mulligans. Whoops. ^^;

Just wanted to say thanks again. It's been ages since I've had so much fun piloting a deck. I've gotten sooo many KOs outta nowhere with Fanatics.
Inaba_Reisen Eternal Version: 1.44
Hahaha, I was wondering what was going on there. Glad you liked the deck, though! I had a lot of fun with it.
skayleef Eternal Version: 1.44
any reason on the power base being the way it is? no scout?
Inaba_Reisen Eternal Version: 1.44
Used to run Crests, but the deck is extremely dependent on early mana, so the depleted drops are not worth the extra effects. Same goes for Waystones, as they often resulted in Seats coming in depleted.
yaniktop Eternal Version: 1.44
Tuned based on feedback below and did about 10 matches. Schism on stage 2 Fanatic after opponent’s turn seems solid. Your name on credit in discription. Thanks for the fresh take on Jennev!
Ryack Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
First time i tried this deck i lived the dream. Turn 1 Initiate of the sand, turn 2 Fanatic, turn 4 i copied the Fanatic at the end of the opponents turn, turn 5 i attacked with 2 transformed Fanatics for the game. I changed the Mirror Immages for Sudden Schisms. :) Ive had fun playing it. Might not have been as much fun for my opponents.
iamsum1gr8 Eternal Version: 1.44
is the slow speed 1 cheaper Mirror Image better than Sudden Schism? Surely sudden schism being fast makes it better when trying to hold up counter magic?
Inaba_Reisen Eternal Version: 1.44
You make an interesting point! Truth be told, I hadn't thought of Sudden Schism. I'll have to test it.
Mithlome Edited Eternal Version: 1.44
I've messed around with this deck a bit, and it's solid. Countermagic means that cards which would otherwise be trivial to remove, like Unraveling Fanatic, are actually easily resilient enough to stick for 3 turns. I'm not sold on the Market, and I think you should consider including a Howling Peak, but this deck is easily good enough as it is to stand up to most things on ladder.