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Praxis (7-2, draft)

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P1P1 I believe was Clodagh, Loyal Advisor. P1P2 was Keen Saddleback. This pushed me somewhat towards a Skycrag scout-based deck, but the packs had virtually no Primal, and a lot of Time (P1P3 was Venomous Mount, and I picked up several other things as well). I was pretty committed to Time, but not entirely sure whether I wanted to be Fire or something else.... until I got a P1P8 or so Heretic's Cannon, which put me very firmly into Praxis.

P2P2 Permafrost made me tempted to splash Primal, but I didn't end up with any fixing (or other Primal cards worth playing), and I decided that with Flame Blast and several TT cards, I didn't want to dilute my influence too much. Ended up going 7-2, so happy with the decision overall.

Beyond that, was pretty happy with the deck. On the aggro side of things, quickdraw + pump spells made things awkward for opponents, while shift cards gave me some extra evasion. Deck also had a ton of warp, which meant I never really ran out of action (seriously, how do I have 7 warp cards in here?). And if I did flood out, Flame Blast was a solid power sink.

Favorite plays: hard to decide between Blurreechaser + Clodagh + Healer's Cloak to pump them both up to 6+ power, and voltron-ing up Rebel Sharpshooter with Healer's Cloak and Heretic's Cannon for a 14/7 quickdraw + overwhelm unit.

MVP: Pummel, surprisingly enough. Blinkwolf consistently carried my early game, but threatening Pummel on a quickdraw unit was able to push through a ton of damage.


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3 2

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8 10

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17 11 1

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20 2 5 0 18


May 22, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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