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ManuS' and RrbbTT's Shimmerpack v3 (Top 15 Masters)

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Eternal Titans


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Shimmerpack is finally back and better than ever with a v3 update after almost 1.5 years thanks to the powerful new Merchants in FoA. RrbbTT and I have once again teamed up to perfect the archetype into what we think is to our own surprise currently the best deck int he game. But you can learn all about it in my comprehensive deck tech here as usual: Deck Tech


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2 2

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20 14 12 3

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17 23 21 9

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33 8 14 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


September 5, 2018

August 14, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.37 - Balance Changes

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Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Any plans to update this for the new meta/balance changes? Do you still think this is the strongest deck to ladder with?
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
not anymore. and no u only need to cut swarm for sth else really.
familyfriendly Eternal Version: 1.37.4
Is Humbug Swarm still the right card after the nerf?
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37.4
no it is unplayable. try aeva or disciple instead :)
sto650 Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck helped me make the final climb to Masters. It was amazing. I had been using a mono-time deck of my own home brew up to that point, but it got stuck at the bottom of diamond I. This got me from Diamond I with zero points to Masters with only a single loss. Amazingly strong deck.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Hey that's great to hear. Congrats!
sto650 Eternal Version: 1.37
Thanks! It was my first time ever making Masters as well, so even better.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Awesome! :)
hall_of_lost_Beards Eternal Version: 1.37
Just wanted to say, I took this deck to Masters last night. I played it exclusively on Ladder for the past 4 days and went 41-24 (63% wr) from Diamond III to Masters. I found it pretty rewarding to play. It is very well calibrated and having the 2 different merchants with a Market with such utility is really its strength. Like most have commented, I only used Shimmerpack twice and it was just as a final measure to close out the game. It's abit of a paradox with this deck as Shimmerpack is used as a pseudo-threat that the Opponent is preparing against, but you rarely utilize it. I utilized Crystallize a great deal more as a finisher....Decks with relic-hate (disjunction, vision of austerity, banish, bore) are a weakness, even Azindel's gift. Opportunity for Face-Aegis would be good, but what to cut then? Aggro decks you can counteract and chump-block until the board is stabilized. Midrange matchups are favorable in general I found. Control can be a problem, obviously, if the game goes too long then you are toast. But all in all, I found this brew very viable on Ladder, it's just not for everyone. It's a tokens deck at heart, but with an Elysian flair. Rewarding to play, if you have the right patience ;)
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Yeah that win% seems like a likely long term winrate really. mid 60s. Idk there arent many gifts and gift is also really slow so I wouldnt worry about it. Shimmerpack is important if u dont get obelisks or they kill them or if they have ways to stop crystalize like aegis units, endurance or counters like BBGs elysian with 3 unseal for example. Also decks with stuff like gift have ways to easily break face aegis so not much help. I felt control is quite fine if u draw enough units to make some waves and u can usually counter one sweeper so they need to draw 2-3 to beat u often. but u can draw too many low impact cards and lose but that kinda applies to any matchup. I really like how well rounded it seems and not super weak to any specific major archetype control, aggro or midrange. just to specific draws and cards sometimes. praxis tokens for example seems a lot softer vs control and aggro.
hall_of_lost_Beards Eternal Version: 1.37
Yes, because it is well-rounded made it enjoyable to play, once I got the hang of it. I felt like the lines-of-play were versatile and I could produce answers on-the-fly as needed. I think my losses to relic-removal were like 4-5, so that's all within reason. Issues playing against Control probably a play-style thing with me, thanks for the tips...I agree that praxis tokens does seem softer vs control or aggro, and somehow these little Elysian dorks are more palatable :)...Thanks for sharing this deck, and just saw your new deck-tech up, will be checking it out later today!
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
You are welcome. Not overextending into sweepers vs control is key while still constantly applying pressure basically.
Cool enjoy! :)
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37
While the original is probably stronger, I've had a lot of fun replacing the market copy of equivocate with Alhed. It's resulted in some pretty fun stuff.

-T1 Initiate> T2 Auralian Merchant> T3 Alhed. The first time I did this I then played a 10/12 SST T4.
-Alhed + Shimmerpack = Board full of 8/8s.
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck hasn't performed for me at all, albeit in relatively limited sampling. Just so many low-impact cards, it's easy for it to get run over before you can set up the combo.
WanYao Eternal Version: 1.37
I've had the same experience.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Might also be that it is rougher when everyone is gunning for u.
The deck has very redundant ways to make the low impact free stuff count. but getting to that point can be tricky and skilltesting and not always possible :)
axdrtym Eternal Version: 1.37
what a stupid deck!
calmbat Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
I just deleted a one of copy of shimmer lmao have everything else XD

Edit: forgot to ask the question.

Is this a difficult deck to run or is it beginner friendly? (Does it require a ton of experience and knowledge with interactions etc to be viable or is it solid for new players and gets better as they do?)
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37
TBH the deck doesn't NEED Shimmerpack, in fact out of 40 or so games I think I've only played it 2 or 3 times total.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Sad times, haha.

Not the most beginner friendly. Deck is not gonna win for you a lot of the time. You gotta do it :)
Not sure how well you will do it without experience with it really.
Good luck!
calmbat Eternal Version: 1.37
Ez3kie1 Eternal Version: 1.37
Currently having issues vs Rakano Icaria decks on the ladder at the moment. Seems they can ramp just as fast and the fliers are hard to counter, even with the silences. Any tips on dealing with it, or is it simply a bad matchup?
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37
Most of my losses that aren't to powerscrew have been to Icaria Blue. Hailstorm and Harsh Rule really suck for what is effectively a tokens deck.
ManuS Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Can't say I think it is bad. Certainly not the easiest matchup but having Permafrost for Rizahn and Equivocate for ICaria and Rizahn does a lot so does Curator. And the deck doesnt like a lot of small units vs its limited answers. sure they sometimes run sweepers but they are pretty unit heavy too and u have unseal if u dont want the sweeper to blow u out. I have felt fine about the matchup but i am sure there are easier ones. I crushed one fairly easy in g2 of the deck tech i think.
Ez3kie1 Eternal Version: 1.37
Yea I saw that game, but in mine I either didn't have the answers or Icaria's warcry would hit Rizahn and Amilli and I'd be stuck. Really enjoy the deck so I'll keep trying it, and try to save the silences etc for the big fliers. Thanks for the deck though!
ManuS Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
I mean then you know it can go both ways. Not sure why one game like this makes u worry about the matchup. I havent played it a ton so I dont know how th ematchup is overall but I doubt it is bad. maybe not great or close idk. These games have massive amounts of variance so trying to draw conclusions from a few or even a single game is not helpful. If you wanna draw conclusions look for structural things and recurring patterns and base ur assumptions on those. that is the more reliable base for any evaluation :)
You are welcome and good luck!
Ez3kie1 Eternal Version: 1.37
Just thought I'd say thanks. I just hit masters with this deck from D3 and it was fairly straightforward once I got the hang of it :-)
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Sounds great! Congrats and much appreciated :)
Casualcitizen Eternal Version: 1.37
I badly want to fit Aeva in there somewhere.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
I think it is overall worse than Swarm but feel free to try it over swarms.
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37
Very nice. Are you being serious when you say you think this is the best deck in the meta? Do you expect this to be a Tier 1 deck going forward, or is it just because the meta is clunky right now?
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck has a huge problem against endurance flying giant units from TJP Alessi. TJP Alessi is almost nowhere to be seen anymore which makes permafrost good again instead of unplayable which is huge since it's a 1 mana removal. If TJP Alessi is un-nerfed expect this deck's viability based on its soft removal suite to fall like a rock but until then the cheap removal + token swarm plan is very strong.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
well "un-nerfing" is not a thing so we are good :)
Ravager Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
TJP Alessi doesn't run 'endurange flying giant units'? The only big flying endurance units in the game are Icaria and Eilyn, Clan mother. Neither of which has ever been run in any deck along with Alessi.

So I don't have a clue what you're talking about.
T3hPhish Eternal Version: 1.37
Accelerated Evolution creates big flying/endurance units.
Accelerated Evolution just got nerfed.
Nobody is playing it now, therefor this deck is good because that's it's major counter.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
I am. If you have followed my content for a while you might have noticed that I have barely said that int he past especially with this much confidence if not now you know :)
I think this is very clearly a tier 1 deck and I don't think it is good due to some weird specific metagame but simply because it is a great deck. very powerful, well rounded and consistent.
Ravager Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
Thanks, went 10-2 with this deck from D1 0 points to Master. One loss was to another Shimmerpack deck, the other I was stuck on 2 mana until turn 6.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
SWEEET! Congrats :)
attorneyatlol Eternal Version: 1.37
I saw a Shimmerpack list on here a couple weeks ago that included Dusk Raider so you could drop it on 5 with a merchant to give your Shimmerpack berserk. Do you think that's an inclusion worth considering?
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
It sounds really fun in theory but mostly win-more.
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
Not remotely. Dusk Raider is bad on its own in the deck and shimmerpack is good on its own. so why would u want to?
attorneyatlol Eternal Version: 1.37
The only reason would be to give your Shimmerpacks berserk, potentially giving you lethal that much earlier. But you're the expert deck builder, I trust that you've already considered that.
Ravager Eternal Version: 1.37
I think what he's trying to say is that Dusk Raider isn't great by itself, and Shimmerpack doesn't benefit significantly from berserk. Therefore it's not worth cutting something else to run in the deck.
attorneyatlol Eternal Version: 1.37
That's what I took from it, thanks for spelling it out though!
ManuS Eternal Version: 1.37
yep thats what i meant. The question at the end was meant for you to ask urself that and then hopefully realize and learn for yourself that and why it is not worth it to take something away from it. it is a lot about asking the right questions when it comes to deckbuilding and card choices or decision making of any kind in card games or in general really so i try to make people realize themselves where their ideas or suggestions are flawed cause i think that usually is the best way to learn and improve :)
and killing faster with shimmerpack is not remotely relevant. u r not trying to kill someone as fast as u can. u r just trying to win which involves sooner or later killing them. making ur shimmerpack more lethal than it usually is is overkill and focusing on the wrong aspects. u need to focus on what happens before u shimmerpack. when u shimmerpack the game usually ends that turn or the next berserk or not.