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Quickly Overwhelming (budget) V1.0

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The main goal of this deck is to try to develop a new facet of Skycragg. I tried to make this deck to see what else I could do with skycragg since the only things I really see out of this faction are Skycraggro and spell based decks trying to utilize spell power ramp or Calderan Cradle. I wanted to try to make a new kind of deck for this faction to diversify it and give ir more opportunity for growth. Realistically this deck tries to combo together a few units with quickdraw and overwhelm to dominate the board, so it is a mixture of aggro and combo with some midrange elements. There are a lot of other considerations for this deck such as Vadius, Clan Father, Shogun of the Wastes, Soulfire Drake, Bad News, Oni Quartermaster, a myriad of other weapons, and possibly even Granite Ring. But, due to my lack of legendary cards and a few others, this is the deck I came up with. I'm pretty bad at gauging how many of what I'll need so it is totally possible I have too many or too few of some things, or don't have enough units, etc. I encourage people to try this deck and make their own variants that will undoubtedly be better and more focused than this one. I hope people enjoy seeing me try to develop new ways of working with the factions and enjoy playing them in this way, thanks :)


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September 30, 2017

September 29, 2017


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