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Elysian Chalice

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My Elysian Chalice Control Brew. Casual, I play it 'round mid-silver rank, but quite fun, and a small number of rares means you could consider it a Budget list. If you get your hands on a Crystaline Chalice quickly, your card advantage goes insane and you can build a pretty powerful boardstall to wait out until you can smash them down with fliers.

Unexpected MVPs are Amaran Camel, which is just a house for lifegain and in multiples makes it so even if they're playing bigger creatures like Sandstorm Titan, you can get away with not blocking them and just sitting behind your lifegain. It's a must in a Chalice deck that isn't running Combrei Healer.

Additionally- Pteriax Hatchling does serious work- Being able to use Chalice on both cards makes Echo super strong here, because the hatchlings are actual card advantage. 5 mana for a 4/3 flier who cantrips, and you get two of them. Sick value in a Boardstall, and they push for impressive damage. A 4/3 flier is nothing to scoff at, and it trades for anything short of a Thunderstrike Dragon. And even there- it doesn't feel bad trading 2 hatchlings for one. You already got your card advantage off those bad boys- you can afford for them not to trade very well.

Temple Scribe is a card I've missed every time I tried to do a 3-color variation of the deck. It just makes your access to cards so much better that replacing it with something that doesn't cantrip just makes it a lot harder to reach your Chalice quickly. It's the only card that has a double Time Requirement in the deck, but it's easily worth it.

Other than that- your gameplan is to build a huge Boardstall on the backs of buffed-up Talir's Favoreds, Amaran Camels, and whatever else you can get your hands on. Use Blind Storyteller to sift through the deck to find what you need, and it seriously helps you find that first Chalice, and once you have one, buff her into a 4/5, she's a solid fighter.

In the end, your goal is to push fatal damage in the air with Pteriax Hatchlings and Psionic Savant as your wincondition. The Savant is surprisingly good here- don't ever play it on curve if you can avoid it, instead wait until you're at 7 power with a chalice so it becomes a 4/4 immediately, or until you can Savant into Wisdom of the Elders or something.

Your removal package IS noticeably lacking- Permafrost, Lightning Storm and Lightning Strike is a decent package, but any card that gains value through means other than attacking will be a rough go. Big Combrei is a horrible matchup for this deck, because it simply doesn't have a good answer for Marshall Ironthorn, or Mystic Ascendant.

If I were going to suggest improvements.... Maybe fit in Marisen's Disciple somewhere? I'm not sure, I like where this deck is at, though I'm trying versions that include either Justice or Shadow.


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June 11, 2017


Eternal Version
Distant Lands

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Zeptinune Eternal Version: 1.26
I know this is an old deck but man I am having some massive bad luck with it. 6 games in a row now and I haven't drawn a single chalice and I've been slaving my storyteller's away like mad to keep up the card draws. Been down to 11 cards left in my deck and STILL not drawn one of them. Double checked that they are even in my deck and of course they are. Crazy bad luck.
LCairnes Eternal Version: 1.20.6
Have you tried Spectral Lynx? I just thought it could be a good chalice target and at the same time count as a pseudo removal.