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FJS - Slap your opponent with weapons and value

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Turns out armory has legs.

Ageless Knight grows fast in this shell. Really good to equip the Camrin's Sniper Rifle on it as it has endurance and will be ready to defend if necessary. Adamantine Pangolin is amazing at making it grow. Very easy to reanimate with Skullhaven Tinker. Edit : I'd rather have pyroKnight here as it's so good to have a unit turn 1 and the ultimate is like an embedded weapon, also reanimating the pyroknight allows another ultimate. All in all it's much easier to have a 6/5 than a 8/8 when you consider the ceilings of both cards.

Camrin's Sniper Rifle is the reason I put this heap of cards together. It triggers renown before its effect, the lifestealers gain 4 life with it and you can kill a nice amount of creatures with while creating a threat. Steelwarren Responder is very good at finding it. Moreover the curve of playing a creature turn 2-3 and having it for you removal into turn 4 Skullhaven Tinker make a 5/1 QuickDraw, kill something and reanimate some unit should be enough value to incite you to try.

Glory Seeker is very good at blocking 2/1s and should end the game quickly vs aggro. Some decks can't race a huge lifestealer and that's the reason I chose this over Rakano Artisan.

Putrefying Presence is amazing at instant speed activation of renown, dirty combat tricks (overwhelm and QuickDraw are nasty with it and completely change combat math). Use it in combination with Camrin's Sniper Rifle to kill most things. In cases where you need to find something you can cycle it on any creature to draw a card which is not so bad. Sometimes you will also save unit from a damage based removal.

Skullhaven Tinker is my favorite kind of card. Cheap, Threat and Value all in one. It will get killed asap so play it together with a weapon and trigger renown immediately. If your opponent uses the Hunt mechanic, it sets it up nicely for almost no cost. The QuickDraw and Putrefying Presence gives you the potential for epic draft level outplays. You should rarely not being able to convert some advantage out of this card.

Steelwarren Responder target number 1 for reanimation, rarely fizzles, make it big with weapons and warcry some more. It allows you to spam weapons and generates hard to deal with damage threats.

Discerning Ranger to cockblock control decks and be lifestealer #5-6. Removed in favor of Rakano Artisan as I value big weapons.

One eye return is buffed with it being 3/5 and returning a unit without exhausting it as it used to nor making it voidbound like our tinker friend. The added influence of 1shadow is fairly transparent and you get to swindle some games with the unblockable

Rest is straight forward. Play weapons on creatures, make them big, slap face.

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2 2 2

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13 14 10 12

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9 16 25 8 4

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25 20 5 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Devouring [Set1145]


February 8, 2024

January 17, 2024


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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 8, 2024



50spence Eternal Version: 24.01.31
+1 for the deck! Tinker + longbow > one eye > steelwarren + weapon? Feelsgoodman
NEVYR Eternal Version: 24.01.17
I’m absolutely in love with this deck lmao… my favorite part is how interactive and versatile it can be. This is quite possibly one of my favorite decks I have ever used in this game
Sorkargg Eternal Version: 24.01.17
Awesome man, thanks! Means a lot
ReBeaver Eternal Version: 24.01.17
Super fun deck. Thanks!
Sorkargg Eternal Version: 24.01.17
You're welcome, I'm grateful that you like it! If you feel like tuning it don't hesitate to share 😉