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Tarra's Argenport

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This is an alternative approach to my other Argenport Gauntlet Grinder, linked Here

Edit: 241ackerman had some great suggestions, I have made quite a few changes. I just took this to a very quick 14-0, average wins in 6.57 turns! Deck is a WIP but I'm loving the feel of the new deck.

This deck seems to have a very comparable win rate to the other version, but it feels more powerful to me.

Tarra, Ever Loyal powers up your whole deck with warcry and allows you to fully unlock the potential of Memory Dredger. Dredger can now get back the 2 drop that you gave warcry 2 to, or perhaps a 2 drop that received some of the warcries. Over and over, until the AI is ground to dust!

One change I'm trying for this deck is a revamp of the powerbase, this one I cut the Argenport Cylix and designed it to virtually never give you a depleted power-drop (play Banner turn 1 from the opener). The point of this was to allow us to always curve out and have a faster run time. The obvious downside is a little less resilience to flooding.

Overall, I like both of these Argenport decks, they play a little differently and I really couldn't say for sure which one is better so try them both if you want!


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Influence Requirements
2 2

Power Sources
14 11 8 8

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Deck Rarities
15 24 28 4 6

Card Types
42 1 12 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Into Shadow [Set1004]
Stormbreak [Set1107]
Hour of Glass [Set1115]

Aggro Midrange

February 7, 2024

February 6, 2024


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Revisions (Since last major patch) February 7, 2024



241ackerman Eternal Version: 24.01.31
This deck really should be playing outcast, the synergy with terra, commando, and dredger is just way too good to pass up
FallenChameleon Eternal Version: 24.01.31
What would you cut for it though? Sinister Rumors Spiteful Strike and Mistral Messenger are probably the most cut-able for Ghostblade Outcast but are also quite strong.
241ackerman Edited Eternal Version: 24.01.31
I’d say that the crescendo is the most dubious card here, at 2 it’s already sus, and you mostly play flyers already. How I’d personally rebuild is cut that and dangerous gambit (we’d rather our spell package be combat focused for Kira) move a set of outcast and valk enforcers to the main, and rebuild the market for shadow. I’m also think moving rumors into market at that point is decent, I usually like to fill vine grafter markets with powerhouse 4 drops, they curve really well. So big wheel, poachers menagerie, nothing remains, vara, and the argenport site are all good options imo

Edit: you should read it’s tenz primer on green is good, it’s a very similar list and it might show you some lines for optimizing. Overall I think this list is solid but a bit too expensive to be consistent, I ran 3 gauntlets with it and went 20-1 losing to the spells give unit of same cost boss
FallenChameleon Eternal Version: 24.01.31
That could be an idea. I think if I were to cut the Dangerous Gambits and rework the spell package I would prefer Take a Stand or maybe Rapid Shot and probably cut back on Spiteful Strikes then, as I think 8 combat tricks is plenty. The disadvantage to Spiteful Strikes is that we can't jam a two drop into a Sandstorm Titan and kill it. And there are definitely games where we have to beat 3-4 Titans.

Valk Enforcer might just be better than Crescendo, I was worried about having too many 3s in the deck for curve reasons, but maybe that's just ok these days with the extreme power level at that cost. itstenz runs 18 threes with success in the mono justice list.

For markets, I actually don't like Sinister Rumors there for one reason. When I'm pulling it from the market, it would be extremely rare to use any mode other than the draw from a void. Knowing that, I would probably want Dark Return instead as the +1/+1 is stronger. Though that might depend if we have no kill spells in the market, maybe Sinister would be ok. But ive found it to be better in the main (if you run it at all).