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Primal Lifeforce

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I love Xenan Lifeforce but it loses too easily to too many decks. So, I threw in some powerful blue cards for synergy, protection, and an extra win condition. It seems to work really well even though I only have one copy of Katra, the Devoted and no copies of Ayan, the Abductor.


Amaran Camel is amazing in Lifeforce. It provides some stopping power against aggro and triggers lifeforce at the start of every turn at minimum. Then you can combo with Vara's Favor, Amber Acolyte, Temple Scribe, and twice for Beckoning Lumen (Once to activate her at the start of turn, then another when she draws). Every Lifeforce deck should run Amaran Camel, it's too good not to.


Backlash stops combos, removals, and board clears, all of which Lifeforce decks have trouble dealing with since they require 2-3 cards for effective combos. They also remove your opponent's Aegis, which is important for the second win condition.

Rain of Frogs. The most annoying card in the whole game in my opinion, and thus absolutely necessary. So many decks rely on a very important crux card: Inquisitor Makto, Harsh Rule, Crystalline Chalice, Obliterate, etc. Especially effective against removals and board clears that you know they're gonna have 4 copies of.

Secondary Win Condition

Channel the Tempest is here to give the deck that last little push. After you've built a couple boards and used most of your power search cards, your hand can get thin and the opponent can be hanging on by a thread causing you both to topdeck to the win. This gives you that extra reach or the additional cards needed to push into the late game, though you still wanna try and be ready to win within turn 8-10.

Feel free to experiment and leave a comment about what did and didn't work for you!


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Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]


August 3, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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ArconteSoze Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.4
I like the idea of ​​inserting Primal into Xenan Lifeforce, but there are a few things on your list that de-characterize the archetype theme.
Lifeforce is only a reality because of Katra the devoted card, so there are at least 4 copies, neither more nor less.
Cult Aspirant is also a card that in my opinion is 4 off, it benefits greatly from the Camel and the various lifegain of the deck.
Oasis seeker is also the same case as Cult Aspirant, the synergy between the two is absurd.

Rain of frogs I think a single copy is good, but it is to go to a control side that I understand is not the best option for Xenan Lifeforce.
Stray into shadow goes against the idea of ​​the deck, after all to fill the table if in addition to the opponent you will also clean it ???
Well, I hope it helped, I like the way you described the deck, I wish more people would do it that way and not just post a list on the site expecting the views, so everyone could improve in the game.

Sorry for bad english, blame google translate
LoveBomb Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Thank you so much for your comments! I agree, I learn a lot more when people describe why they included certain cards.

I definitely considered Cult Aspirant and more copies of Katra (I would have to craft them), but I just don't know what I would cut for them. Stray into Shadow is needed for board control. Your units are constantly getting stronger, so you can afford to cut 4 health from them. I put Rain of Frogs at 2 because the deck is 75 cards. Putting in one just seems like a waste. You'll hardly ever draw it and it's a slot that can be used elsewhere. But perhaps cutting the more conditional, higher cost cards like Bloodcall Invoker and Beckoning Lumen to put in Cult Aspirant and Katra would make Rain of Frogs unneeded. I'll give that a try.