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Good News Bruh (Turn 3 Aid of the Hooru)

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A few weeks back I posted the less competitive version of this deck. This is the highly tuned version of that deck. Big credit goes to AppleChips, who contributed heavily in the development of this deck, adding some very important elements to it. Together we came up with this monster. It's not a deck that works in every meta, is quite difficult to pilot, and is particularly difficult to play against very skilled players, who understand how the deck functions and how to fight against it.

I'll break down some of the ideas below, but likely will not do a great job encompassing all the important elements in my explanation. I have been meaning to do a stream since it has been a really long time since my last one, so I may add a video link to this deck with some gameplay if I do. It is important to note that the deck is incredibly tight, and is very difficult to make adjustments to the numbers. It would be nice to add +1 to some of the cards, but there just isn't enough space.

The main thing this deck is trying to do is cheat out Aid of the Hooru and very often chain cast them every subsequent turn, It is a very crushing experience to play against this when it goes off. I would also think that some of the cards warrant Nerfs to add voidbound clauses to them because they are quite degenerate. You can cast aid as early as turn 3, via turn 1 and 2 discard effects, followed by a turn 3 Haunting Scream targeting West-Wind Herald. Once scream has been cast on a unit the charge remains, so A Life For A Life can function as additional copies in subsequent turns. Re-read can tutor a scream that has been milled to the void or return scream/life for a life after you have used them to help with casting Aid over and over again.

The second most potent line you have in the deck is to use Life for a Life to return Scrapfind Skimmer, which almost guarantees you to set up Aid the following turn. It also mills a very large amount of cards, which allows us to even lean onto Katra for giant amounts of ramp/damage. This allows us to use Davia or even hard cast Aid, when dealing with a lot of flyers on the opponents board, or need to take lines like that to add even more consistency. Katra is mostly played via scream or Life for a Life, but also has an outside chance of being hardcast by playing 2x Conclaves for Time influence.

Privilege of Rank is a key card, which allows you to draw free cards, and fix Justice influence virtually for free. It's also the reason we are playing Life for a Life over some of the alternatives, since it essentially only has 1 shadow requirement. Lethrai Marauder is your swiss army knife. It is an answer to almost anything, it allows you to answer opponent's flyers, interacts in a variety of situations, and is important synergy to the deck by discarding cards. On top of all of this, it allows you to keep hand that you would otherwise never keep, because it can create 2 Elves on turn 2, leading to turn 3 Lethrai Dead Drop. Which is incredibly strong. Aside from that, you are looking to have a good density of discard effects in your opening hand, along with Scream, LFAL or re-read. There is definitely a lot of variance potential, but that is likely sufficient to set up some very early Aids. Because nothing gets voidbound (except from LFAL) and Aid draws you 4 cards, it's very easy to keep chaining Aid once you play your first one, and just lock out the opponent completely.

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Enter the Arcanum [Set1135]


May 2, 2024

October 15, 2022


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Derp Edited Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Maybe I am extremely unlucky but I rarely manage to get this combo to work. Not due to my opponents being skillful players but due to being extremely "unlucky". I quoted that because it just feels too consistent to be considered just unlucky.

You rely on 12 cards in a 75 card deck to be placed exactly where you want them to (e.g. aid and herald in the graveyard, scream in hand) and the truth is they are almost never where you want them to be. Once again, I may be super unlucky. However, I believe that this is an extreme example of a "feast or famine" deck that lacks consistency to be competetive.
MrMattHarper Eternal Version: 22.10.12
Agreed. Deck is just not consistent enough. Even after milling +15 cards in the first few turns I wouldnt have the pieces. And often, when I did have the combo, it lost to a flying blocker.

I took out the mostly useless six drop flyer to try to improve the consistency, but I just couldnt make it viable for me.

I did have a few funny games when I rolled high though.
imestr8 Eternal Version: 22.10.12
I guess my first question is, how aggressively have you been redrawing your opening hands? You don't need to hit perfectly every time though. You're looking for discard effects primarily to be in your opening hand. The draw spell with marauder, LFAL with skimmer or even katra are fine replacements to having the perfect hits with scream for herald. Skimmer in particular is very strong. You can even just hard cast a Harald on 5 and skimmer on 6, for a turn 6 aid. There are a lot of different lines even when you don't hit perfectly.