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luv 2 curse

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This is a very silly curse deck I made out of things I had on hand, but it does good work.
Note that there's definitely improves to be made, if you have access to more legendaries and things- I'm saving for other things at the moment, but I will probably come back to this eventually.

Edit 2019/12/09
Making some teaks as I move this into a deck with Parul in it (since I pulled one- adding him formally to this once I have a second, however.)
Blood of Makkar was removed in favor of Avigraft- The blood s still good, but units tend to be more disposable in this deck, so Avigraft is a solid option here.
Also removed unseal in favor of just more Felrauk's choice- Unseal is occasionally specifically useful, but I just wanted more of Felrauk's.

Deck notes:
This is a deck that often seems to be in a bad place before it wins- It's won matches at 8 hp when my opponent had over 200. Don't concede earlier then you absolutely have to.
The heart of this deck is using curses to generate horrible amounts of units that the opponent can't deal with. The faster you can get Kodosh Sees All out, the better off you'll be. More is better. This often leads to it stabilising, if the opponent has no way to deal with the infinite stream of units.

Card specific notes:
Felrauk's Choice is mostly there for removal/curse reclaiming, but if you know you're playing against a removal-heavy deck it doesn't hurt to keep one on hand to flip it.
Parul's Choice should almost always be used to get Kodosh Sees All into your hand if you don't already have one, but otherwise using it to grab another curse is fine. It can also be handy to keep a defender on hand w/ aegis.
Outcast Fortress does good work in a deck where you basically want to be spamming curses anyways. Cruelty is useful both to force them to trade in good units, but also to decimate for removal if needed. The other cards are pretty self explanatory.
Waylay is largely here to both scout and to stop void-heavy decks. If you don't think they're a void deck, feel free to use it earlier. If they're using void, you may want to wait until it'll hurt, if you can.
Forbidden-Rider Outcast is particularly good if you can get the relic curse off, but don't be afraid to use it just for the Mark of Shame.
Windshaper is mostly here because there's so much flying that her bonus is meaningful. She makes a decent wall for the site, as well.
Drifting Death is here mostly to reclaim curses, but can also be good to keep the opponent from swinging if they know you have a good curse in the void.
Kodosh Sees All is basically the single most important card in the deck. The more you get running, the faster you win. You can pull back from a bad situation pretty well if they don't have a way to deal with your infinite stream of birds.
Valkyrie Accuser is good for stopping scary swing-ins.
Cobalt Coin is mostly here to provide another source of reckless.

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Influence Requirements
2 2 1

Power Sources
12 14 12 12

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14 37 10 2

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20 18 9 2 26


December 9, 2019

December 3, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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