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Masters Quartermaiden

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Tired of getting stomped over and over by Ramp, Reanimator, Temporal and FJS? I've got the solution for you, the deck that brought me to Masters this month. Proof:

Main Combos:

- Oni Quartermaster + Statuary Maiden - one of the classics and the combo that named this deck. Quartermaster with Maiden's Cudgels (and Obsidian Armors) is the main source of card advantage for the deck while disrupting the opponent's strategy.
- Auric Interrogator + Dark Return or weapons - the secondary draw engine that puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. If you can make it to the midgame, those two combos will provide enough card advantage to overwhelm your opponent.
- Combust + Madness - another classic that (hopefully) removes the two biggest threats on the opposing side of the board and provides additional burst damage
- Combust + Ixtun Merchant - instantly removes any opposing unit if played on turn 4+

Main deck explanations.

- Combust - very strong removal that combos with Obsidian Golem, Ixtun Merchant, Granite Waystone and Jawbone Greatsword
- Dark Return - creates a draw engine with Auric Interrogator, burst damage, removal and lifesteal with Vicious Highwayman
- Torch - nothing to see here, best card in the game
- Annihilate - serves as main deck Combust #4, you can swap it for another In Cold Blood but I wouldn't recommend it because it weakens the aggro and Time matchups
- Obsidian Golem - one of the unsung heroes for the deck. Great utility, doesn't mind dying and puts up an early body on the board to pressure or block aggro dorks
- Vara's Favor - so damn good right now... Gets rid of everyone's favorite paladin, ramp units, breaks weapons and provides combat tricks
- Auric Interrogator - one of the units that fell out of favor with the recent power creep, but he can shine with the right support
- Ixtun Merchant - herjob is to grab Bore
- Madness - classic combo with Combust and additional source of burst damage. Nice Red Canyon Smuggler with a Deepforged Plate ya got there.
- Oni Quartermaster - main draw engine of the deck. If you're not in dire need to put bodies on the board, hold her in your hand until you have a weapon to play the same turn
- In Cold Blood - slow but needed in this meta. Two is the right ammount
- Statuary Maiden - best card in the deck and absolute MVP in the meta. Disrupts recursion, stonewalls bigger units, combos with the card draw units and can create some nice burst wins
- Vicious Highwayman - one of my favorite cards in the game. He does it all - kills small units, breaks weapons, gains life, pressures the opponent and wins games out of nothing
- Xo of the Endless Hoard - everything has been said about this dragon. While I consider him a mistake and definitely overpowered, he is an essential part of the deck

Market explanations.

- Bore - nothing to see here, best market card in the game
- Combust - a must in the market
- Factory Quota - puts pressure on Temporal and non-red control and midrange that has a full hand of removal, prevents lifegain
- Bandit Queen - additional source of burst damage, can end the game with a single grenadin and Golem on the board. To be honest, I haven't pulled her much from the market because the deck has a descent amount of burst damage, but she has won me a few games. This could be a flex spot, but currently I don't see anything to run over her
- Jawbone Greatsword - the unsung hero of the market. Very versatile and if you manage to activate the tribute, the opponent will be forced to some though decisions because of Brand

Hope you like the deck, feel free to ask anything in the comments!


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
4 2

Power Sources
19 18 12

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Deck Rarities
28 14 13 16

Card Types
29 2 24 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 9, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.43 - Community Store

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Dimautuur Edited Eternal Version: 1.45.3
Great deck. I'm not one that normally enjoys playing fire decks, but this one is fun and is allowing me to move quickly up the ranks.

On a side note, i've found that if you don't have all/any of the Vicious Highwayman or Xo of the Endless Hoard, then Vara, Vengeance-Seeker works really well in this deck as well. There is just something very satisfying about making you opponent choose between giving you another Cudgel, or making Vara bigger.
grdivrag Eternal Version: 1.45.4
Thanks for the kind input!
I haven't played the deck after the Xo nerf because they ended up as shiftstone. 8 power is a big stretch for the deck, and by playing only 4 merchants we can't cycle them for treasures. I'll probably rework the deck, so thantks for your input on Vara, she'll probably be in the deck, especially with Palace/Aegis running wild. Also, other things I'd like to fit in are Desecrate and Dizo's office.
Dimautuur Eternal Version: 1.46.C
I updated my deck to use some of the new dark frontier cards. I'd be interested in your suggestions if you don't mind. Here's the link Quartermaiden
Silvernight Eternal Version: 1.44
Unplayable trash.
Comment Deleted
Feniks Eternal Version:
What to replace Jawbone Greatsword ?
grdivrag Eternal Version:
It's hard to replace because of it's stats and Tribute, but you can run an additional removal card in here (Magma Javelin is the closest Relic Weapon, but it sucks...), or some additional relic hate like Ruincrawler Yeti or Ruination Sledge. or even move a important maindeck card to the market and add an extra Annihilate
JTJag Eternal Version:
I was having a ton of trouble getting out of Diamond 1 this season, dropping to D2 three different times, but this deck finally got me over the hill into Masters. Thanks.
grdivrag Eternal Version:
No problem, great to hear you made it!
ElderGnome Eternal Version:
In the couple of games I played, the Oni Quartermaster was very handy. I would definitely call it a staple for this deck. Nice deck and a lot of fun!
grdivrag Eternal Version:
Thanks, I'm glad you like it!
evenmorelance Eternal Version:
I love this deck. I just played 11 games with it at diamond and went 9-2. Here's what I observed:

The market seems pretty solid. In my limited sample, Bandit Queen was actually my most common pick. A couple of games against Jennev and Winchest, I was able to do my best Haunted Highway impersonation and curve Obsidian Golem into Ixtun Merchant followed by Queen or Highwayman.

I agree with your assessment on In Cold Blood. The deck is a bit heavy at the 4-drop slot, but it seems necessary.

The Oni Quartermaster is actually my least favorite aspect of the deck. It's obviously good when you have any weapon in your hand, but does stone nothing when you're getting beat down or need to apply pressure. I wonder if moving one copy to the Market would work?

Regardless, super fun. Great job.
grdivrag Eternal Version:
Thanks for your input, I'm glad the deck works for you. It's certainly refreshing to see in the current meta.
Regarding Quartermaster - I agree, in most games she's just an overcosted 2/2. I mainly let her sit in my hand until I have a weapon to follow up (Jawbone Greatsword works too!), but I think cutting numbers would be a mistake. One interesting aspect of using her is like removal bait (to follow up with Highwayman or Dark Return + Interrogator), because 99% of opponents will kill her ASAP, and if I have one less Slay to worry about, she has pulled her weight.
Buizel Eternal Version:
What would you move 1 to the market for? Something out of the market or another card mainboard?
evenmorelance Eternal Version: 1.44
Nothing that worked very well, tbh.