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Overwhelming Power!

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I started brewing this deck today and it's doing really well for me. The point of the deck is to get Shepherd's Horn out as soon as possible and play around it. As cards like Obliterate and Stonescar Maul also have the overwhelm keyword they also trigger the health effect from the horn.

With the right draws this deck can be super aggressive but thanks to the health gain it can also do really well in the long game. See this insane video for an example of that:

Super fast aggro can be an issue but as soon as you get the engine going you just end up well out of their reach.

Card Breakdowns
Copper Conduit
This card is great at every stage of a fight, play it if you need a wall against aggro early on, or smash your opponents face in with a massive one a little down the line.

Cult Aspirant
This card is absolutely nuts, it feels really really bad to have to use it in the early game as a blocker. If you can, hold on to it until turn three as you'll be able to cast it on the same turn as Shepherds Horn meaning you get 3 health and it becomes a 2/2 for 0.

Like Copper conduit, you're happy to draw it at any point in the game. Don't be afraid to block with it if you have to though, it's not worth trying to hold out for 5 power if you're taking damage every turn.

Seek Power
I don't really have to talk about this card much, it's basically an auto-include in every deck anyway. I did experiment with using Initiate of the Sands instead of seek power but the tempo loss when Initiate died felt awful. It might be worth running both, experiment for yourself and let me know what you think.

We're playing red so we're playing Torch. Great spot removal, also helps as a combat trick if need be.

This card is completely bonkers in this deck. It provides so much value it hurts. Worst case scenario it gets silenced and even then you have 4 damage strapped on to it so who cares, it costs three and when it provides for you, it does it in spades.

Shepherd's Horn
This is what the deck is all about. If you don't get your hands on this early then it's not a huge deal as the deck is wide enough to be able to play without it, however getting one or more of them on the board leads to a hilarious and inevitable end for your opponent. Honestly it's one of my favorite cards in the set.

Sandstorm Titan
This is a really good value unit, it's Titan, enough said. I was running Horned Vorlunk but I think I was holding on to the Overwhelm mechanic a little too hard. If you don't have Titan then Vorlunk still works, or even Morningstar.

Arcanum Monitor
Initially I put this card in as a fun of just to see how it would do, after playing it as a 4 of for a while I really like it, + 1/1 to everything on your side of the board is really nice and can help tip you over the edge that you need in a board stall. There are a couple of occasions where you're in top deck mode and you have nothing on the board, in which case this card feels pretty bad to draw.

As with torch, we're playing with red so this card goes in regardless. The fact that it has Overwhelm written on it is a bonus as it gets cheaper with the Horn.

Shatterglass Mage
This card is straight up better than Furnace Mage as it has 5 power, triggering Dawnwalker. Oh yeah, it also has Overwhelm. Attachment removal is also important what with all the Crown of Possibilities decks running around ranked at the moment.

Divining Rod
Every unit has Overwhelm written on it so this card is an obvious pick, sometimes it misses, I've had it throw away 4 powers but honestly as you were able to cast it you've got as much power as you need at that point in time and more often than not Divining rod makes a fatty fatter and lands you a few extra Overwhelm units.

Stonescar Maul
This card is removal and also has Overwhelm written on it so win win! It's really good at clearing the way for your units and a good finisher if need be.

Amber Monument
Awesome card for this deck. Being functional and effective all at once, it's a power when you need it and it's a (potentially) cheaper fatty that brings back Dawnwalker's when you don't.

This card fares pretty well against pretty much everything I've come up against. The only times I've lost is either very early in a game where I've barely been able to establish myself or when I've been power screwed one way or another which only happened once or twice in 30 games. I'll keep working on it and updating on this page, if you play it let me know how you get on, it suits people that are really into synergy and combos, like myself.

The hardest part of playing the deck is knowing when to do things, it's really tempting to hold back to get more value out of your cards but that will often lead to you falling behind so don't try to be too greedy.


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July 23, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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