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Budget Karvet Recursion

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Hello everyone,

Looking for some advice for this deck concept. Been stuck in throne for a bit and so far when this deck works it works. Unfortunately I am coming into to many flop situations. Run out of gas very fast.

I want to get 1 x Ephemeral Wisp amd 3 x Dawnwalker. I dont know what I should take out to put them in. I also was thinking of adding 4 x Scheme because have Xenan Cultist on the board is quite necessary.

Also I am looking for another avenue for this deck so it isnt relying so heavily on the bulk of Xenan Cultist. Shrine does great. Just working out some ideas.

Made some changes, the recursion seems more potent. Having problems getting the power right. I would put in the dual scout powers but I dont have the shift stone for those.
More updates.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.


Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

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Influence Requirements
1 2 2

Power Sources
9 14 11 9

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Deck Rarities
28 18 20 1

Card Types
29 5 21 0 25

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March 26, 2020

March 22, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50.10 - Market Changes

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Revisions (Since last major patch) March 26, 2020


Rhorklord Eternal Version: 1.50.10
Also I need to add 2 x Crack the Earth.
Not 100% set on Vital Arcana in the market.