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I usually don't bother to grind to masters unless I really enjoy the deck I'm playing. Maybe some of you have run into me on the ladder (IGN=flippyflop), went from bronze 3 to high silver 1 and trying to see how far I can take it. Deck name could definitely use some work.

The sideboard is just simply ideas for directions you may want to take the deck. I'd avoid heavy Time/Justice cards given the influence constraints of the core creatures.

Flex spots:
Harsh Rule Depending on where you are in the ladder, you may find something like 4x to be totally irrelevant in a heavy control/armory field.
Archive Curator may be an excess of silence effects to your liking, the number feels right for me currently and it's a decent body with Obelisks.
Dilphex Stalker is a pet card of mine and I have taken quite a liking to it but I can imagine some people may prefer something like Siraf instead.
Azindel's Gift: I haven't played enough with this deck to truly get a sense of it, and it's my only real attempt to battle with Chalice. You may want to be replaced with something more reliable in the early to mid-game.

General Advice:
・Always try to fix for 2 shadow early on if you can.
・Don't be afraid to Excavate a Seek Power.
・Don't keep hands with like, two plain time sigils as you almost assuredly never get to where you need to be.
・Eventually justice fix for Makto/Harsh Rule


Diphex Stalker:
・Sometimes it will be neccessary to Excavate a Stalker, which becomes increasingly more viable with activated Auric Interrogators on the board.
・Utilize your Dilphex Stalkers as card smoothing early on, and more functional removal in later game with Obelisks.

Auric Interrogator:
・Try to hold on to these until you have safely stuck a Xenan Obelisk (obvious)
・Play it on 4 mana with a Safe Return in your hand.
(I've found that people simply cannot resist trying to blow a removal spell on an Auric Interrogator even if it only has 4 power.)

Ayan, the Abductor:
・You'll find that the life gain is a key to the success of this deck in most matchups, especially once you start bleeding yourself with Abductors after stabilizing a board and being down a bunch of life.
・Try to use your ultimates on the time creatures if possible, saving the shadow for Vara targets.

Safe Return:
・Enable your Auric Interrogators, stretch the value of your silencers, buff your Dilphex Stalkers for increased value...
・Bait your opponent into committing more creatures to the board, evacuate your own creature for a satisfying Harsh Rule.


Specific Match-ups:
・ Chalice - Even though you may be able to keep the board clear and banish their chalices, Channel the Tempest is still incredibly hard to deal with. Hope to stick some Interrogators with an Obelisk and keep the pressure on.
・ Argenport - You should have enough ways to pop aegis and removal to put up a good fight.
・ Skycrag - It's especially tough to stop a large board presence with Vadius's


Anyway good luck out there, i'm having a lot of fun with this deck and I hope you might too.


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The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]

Control Midrange

October 10, 2017


Eternal Version
The Tale of Horus Traver

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