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Hero's Scream (Masters)

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Fun janky deck I took from gold to masters. The idea is to play aggressively with your aegis / flying creatures + weapons and then clean up with Hero of the People + Haunting Scream. Being an aggressive aegis heavy deck with access to bursty combos fits well in this slower, removal heavy meta.

Update: I've added the now 3 power Stonepowder Alchemist and swapped Tranquil Scholar for Borderlands Waykeeper (another aegis 2 drop + great weapon holder). These changes make the deck much stronger against aggro, and the control matchup has improved as well with the nerf of Steward of the Past.

You generally want to wait on playing Hero of the People until 4 power with Protect / Snowcrust Yeti, or 5 power with Crownwatch Paladin / Haunting Scream.

Reinvigorate turns your 6/6 Hero of the People into a 13/13, shuts down aggro decks with a surprise 5/5 Silverwing Familiar, and removes Permafrost.

Dark Return refreshes aegis, combos with Haunting Scream and works great with your strong 1 drops.

Tranquil Scholar synergies well with Hero of the People, Dark Return and Haunting Scream, and can just win games by giving Unblockable or Double Damage.



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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 12, 2018

January 25, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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exhausted Eternal Version: 1.40
Worried this deck wouldn't work with mana. Ended up modifying it with all of the suggestions below. Not too bad of a deck. Gained a couple of ranks and got to master in gauntlet. Thanks for the deck.
exhausted Eternal Version: 1.40
Quick update, the first week was nice in bronze getting a 7 win streak. However, now that I am in Silver, seems like my opponents always break my combo or I gas out with too much many and not enough spells and creatures. Even with 25 power in the deck, I still get flooded. I've added strategize, but opponents still continue to out draw me with the current meta.
TheStray Eternal Version: 1.40
I enjoyed this deck. I could not seem to get to Masters with it. I think you could later in the month though. It was a lot of fun to play. Thanks for the build.
Jester Edited Eternal Version: 1.39
I play your deck, and it is really fun, it seems like everything u draw is useful (with very rare exceptions)

thou I got a question: why do you use Bloodletter? most of your units already have livesteal, why not use something like.. Hair-Trigger Pistol

Or are there any other cards, which u would put into to make it better?
wrathchild Edited Eternal Version: 1.31
Can't make this deck work to save my life. The concept is neat. but I never seem to have the right cards to make any of the combos go off. Guess I'm no good with these sorts of decks.
FireballZora Edited Eternal Version: 1.29
This is nice. Actually, this was kind of the first deck idea I had when I started playing, but it became much more of a meme deck to me bc I felt the deck was too inconsistent when I was playing, I only achieved my win cons around 50% of the time. Looks like it's a good time to revisit it ;)

Also, have you tried Piercing Grief? it usually is a +3/+3 and revenge enabler on hero
Wurzelbert Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Looks like fun. I always like seeing anything out of the ordinary.
One question though: doesn’t Sandstorm Titan completely shut you down?
Why not try to make room for a good old Vanquish to deal with that?
I'm not sure what to cut, but it certainly feels weird to play Justice without Vanquish anyway...
Korps Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Vanquish is a great addition - it just depends on the current meta at your rank. With all the no-unit / weapon decks it can be a dead card, which hurts combo decks like this one. I was seeing almost no Darude, so I cut Vanquish.
Wurzelbert Eternal Version: 1.28.7
I guess you’re right, since time isn’t so strong in the meta these days, Darude isn’t such a common sight anymore.
Agarez Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Protect now costs 2 - much harder to play
Korps Eternal Version: 1.28.7
Yeah, not worth it anymore. I replaced the protect with a strategize.
Comment Deleted
TheDemko Eternal Version: 1.28
I've been running this deck on ladder. Sometimes, it runs really well, and I can kill my opponent by turn 5 or 6. But more often, it flops out a creature or two and slows to a stop. I think there might be too many non-unit cards here. I get that most of them are needed, but there has to be something else you can cut over the 2 Scholars. I don't even see the Hammers as necessities. I've replaced them with a few Alchemists and I've gotten some better results. Also, swap up the Strategizes with Gorgons.
Korps Eternal Version: 1.28
Check out the updated deck! 27 units (15 with aegis) + 3 dark returns means we almost always have a weapon target.

The winning strategy when we don't see our Hero combo, is aegis units + weapons - which is why I like Hammer and dislike Gorgon.
Giblets Edited Eternal Version: 1.28
Hi - Created an account here solely to comment on this deck. This is a really weird mish-mash of cards that works together in fun and amazing ways. I put it together, ran it against master gauntlet just to learn it, and went 7 for 7. Interestingly, in 7 games, I only drew a single Hero card - the other cards carried the day. So I'm off to run Ranked - wish me luck - and Thank You! for sharing this deck.

One quick question - Any thought given to unblockable units? Sorely tempted to drop in Bartholo (4 cost GGP 2/2 Aegis, Unblockable)
Korps Eternal Version: 1.28
Bartholo sounds fun - although he might be too slow. Try it out!
opaopa13 Eternal Version: 1.27
I made an account just to post this comment. I've been waiting for a deck like this since I started playing Eternal. I haven't been brave enough to try it on Ranked, and my experience has been that it's definitely possible to hit dud hands (or face an opponent who simply has exactly the right removal to dismantle you), but it's one of the most fun deck I've played.

I had one game where my opponent was at 16 and I couldn't find a single Hero, but ended up swinging for lethal with an 8/7 Flying, Deadly, Killer, Aegis Snowcrust Yeti carrying two Bloodletters and a 4/4 Flying, Charge, Deadly, Double Damage, Killer, Lifesteal Tranquil Scholar (Dark Return and Haunting Scream did a LOT of work that game). I had another game that I only won because a Revenge Tranquil Scholar returned on my last surviving turn to throw Charge at the Hero waiting in my hand.

Definitely want to try playing with the composition a tiny bit. Maybe remove the Twilight Raptors for either filtering or something a little more beefy? 1-cost flying is nice, but the clutch play is obviously Hero + Aegis unit on the same turn, so I'd rather something that helped me get to that state more reliably. Maybe Shelterwing Riders or Gorgon Fanatics, as others have suggested?

Thanks for posting this!!
Korps Eternal Version: 1.28
Haha I'm glad you've enjoyed it! .

I think Strategize, Shelterwing and Gorgon could all work well in the deck (although I haven't tried Gorgon yet). You could also try Vara's Intervention to deal with Dawn Walker / Oni Roni or give your Gorgon / Hero unblockable or draw your unseen back from the void.

If you want even more fun you could add Bisma, Revered Elder as another amazing haunting scream target + synergies with the other unseen in the deck (Scholar, Commando + could add Kothon, The Far-Watcher).

Just make sure the deck doesn't fall apart too much if you never draw Hero or never draw Haunting Scream.
thank4477 Eternal Version: 1.27
After playing this deck i feel like it very depends on hand. Is it better to add stratergize to cycling our hand?
Korps Eternal Version: 1.27
Removing two Twilight Raptor (and maybe a haunting scream/dark return?) for Strategize seems reasonable. Just be careful to not slow the deck down too much.
SasquatchBrah Edited Eternal Version: 1.27
Great! Another cheap deck that I've got the cards for from making Justice gauntlet/ladder decks... not enough memes though. So I added Cliffside Porter, Devour, Paladin Oathbook and Piercing Grief in exchange for the weapons and the Twilight Raptor (an underperforming card in my opinion).

edit: oops, I guess echo isn't a battle skill.
chinok187 Eternal Version: 1.27
thanks for the info !
Sjoraiev Eternal Version: 1.27
Thanks for the deck! I went around 8-4 in Masters. The only times I lost were either I drew poorly or did not have answers for their larger dudes. I was thinking of cutting 1-2 Haunting Scream for some Finest Hours. They're mostly dead draws in multiples early game when you're down on the board, no Hero of the People drawn, and you need more sustain/tricks rather than burst. That said, getting a sweet Flying, Aegis, Lifesteal, Warcry, Charge 13/13 to seal the game is pretty sweet.
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.27
Do you miss Gorgon Fanatic? I know this is more of an aggro deck than your typical scream, but it's still scream, and Fanatic is bonkers draw when it goes off.
Harumafuji Eternal Version: 1.27
I just played against this twice in a row on my way to masters, and couldn't work out what it was until I looked it up.

While it looks like an absolute pile, it also looks hilarious to play, so I will try it.
chinok187 Eternal Version: 1.27
is there a replacement for hammer of might ???
Squeaky Eternal Version: 1.29
Can now use Inquisitor's Blade
Korps Eternal Version: 1.27
Hammer is pretty important, but you could try adding 4 Shelterwing Rider instead. You'd have less weapons, so maybe replace two Silverwing Familiar with 2 Valkyrie Enforcer as well.
Ez3kie1 Eternal Version: 1.27
Going to try this deck...looks super fun! Did you try Piercing Grief? Seems like a great fit with the hero, or does revenge stop you screaming her?
Korps Eternal Version: 1.27
Piercing Grief is great with Hero and I was running it in earlier versions of this deck - but we need bodies for our 8 weapons and it's often just 3 damage/healing if Hero is never drawn.
CONDOR Eternal Version: 1.27
What do you think about stonepowder alchemist?
Korps Eternal Version: 1.27
I was using stonepowder as well in an earlier version, but it felt too slow. This deck wants to apply pressure fast and doesn't have card draw to get revenge units back quickly. Also, if we revenge our hero, we can't get it back via dark return or haunting scream.

If you're facing a lot of aggro decks, I'd rather add permafrost/annihilate.
novus Eternal Version: 1.27
Super fun deck! Thanks for sharing :)