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Reweave combo toolbox [HOT JANK]

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Work in Progress

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Ever since I saw Reweave I thought it'd be great in a combo deck for cheating out something with a strong summon or permanent effect, like First Flame (reweave activates tribute), Scourge of Frostholme or Great-Kiln Titan. After the big cards come out, they're protected for three turns by being shifted, short of a Harsh Rule.

The trick is getting a high cost card into play so you can actually pull anything you want. Bond units or reanimation are both good strategies for this, and have good synergy with the general game plan since they offer other ways of cheating your big value units into play.

This is my first pass at using a sentinel reanimator base for the deck (I tried dinos as well, and I think sentinels is much better!). Another possibility might be Sigvard, the Last Bastion combined with Lumen Reclaimer to empty your void and pump Sigvard's cost back up.

I'm still testing the best units to pull, so have included a toolbox approach of one-ofs for the moment, with the assumption that Scourge and First Flame will be good against control, and Pillar of Amar might be better against unit-heavy decks. Royal Guardian could be good to gain life (and it gets unblockable once it emerges), or possibly even Spirit of Resistance to wipe a board.

Possible plays:

-Discard a Novaquake, reanimate and then reweave it to pull anything you like!
-Discard a Great-Kiln titan, reanimate hopefully cheat out some big fatties
-Use Finest Hour and another sentinel to bond Novaquake early and bounce their board, or bond Scourstone and reweave into something better
-Pillar of Amar + Secret Pages via Learned Herbalist for an instant 5/5
-Privelege of Rank + Learned Herbalist or Frenzied Omnivore

Will lose to aggro.


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2 4 2 3

Power Sources
2 18 17 12

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17 20 20 10

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32 0 23 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Homecoming [Set1005]


May 16, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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