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Peasant Challenge - All non-sigils start with letters in "Child's Play".

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I spent all week working on the coolest deck that would only involve non-sigils that start with the letters in "Child's Play"

Your options are a little shallow when you can't play a lot of format staples such as Eremot's Machinations, Finest Hour, and many more.

My biggest ideas were:
Axe Sharpener + Surgeon's Saw
Shardbinder + Siege Provisions
Defile + Drawing the unit from your void
Duskwalker + ways to get ahead on the curve
Ageless Mentor + Insistent Automaton
Insistent Automaton + Lumen Attendant

Part of the problem was trying to find a good shell to surround these synergies.

While this deck might just look like a "bad version" of Combrei Aggro, I guarantee it plays out differently with similar tools.

There are a lot of good mid game and late game elements here. Using Auric Record Keeper and Combrei Healer allows you to effect your cards in a way that is beneficial to Dark Return off of Surgeon's Saw. Siege Provisions can look a bit clunky when Shardbinder and Duskwalker aren't involved, but if you look at the other cards, we have plenty of ways to gain health and utilize a slower and more late game plan of pumping power into one or two Siege Provisions every turn

Some concessions had to be made in the power base if I only wanted to use ACDHILPSY (letters in Child's Play). The key decision I made here was to not play any card that require double of a single faction, being able to make any multifaction power + Diplomatic Seal able to satisfy all influence requirements.

As a small touch, I put cards in my market that spell out "CHILD" to not forget the reason why I'm playing in this event and promoting it. I thought about Child's Play constantly throughout this deck building process (for obvious reasons) and hope this tournament is a huge success!!


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June 6, 2020


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Shadow of the Spire

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