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Big Elysian

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Another midrange Elysian deck but with some emphasize on strong lategame with a decent amount of card draw and big stuff to finish the match. Make no mistake, this list won't be able to play as fast as the recently surfaced version with Hunters but your lategame power is far better. If you get a mad draw on curve you can still finish games fast but even if your draw is slow, time won't be working against you (which always is a problem for fast decks when your opponent manages to stabilize)!
You can play this deck in a number of ways and adapt to different situations rather easily, which makes it a great option for the diverse meta we have at the moment. I just managed to pilot this into masters rank 30 and I think top 10 is easily reachable!

P.S. You can add another 2 Obelisks if you want an even stronger board presence, if you're unsure what to remove for it feel free to ask me in the comments or add me ingame neverLukey+1039

Have fun guys.


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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
18 15 8

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Deck Rarities
15 25 10 11

Card Types
39 5 6 0 25


May 27, 2017


Eternal Version
Distant Lands

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