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Fanatic Grenadine Tyrant

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Just a deck i had some fun with over the last few days, waiting for the new Cards to arrive.

- Spam the board with Grenadins
- Use the Market to get Xenan Fanatic & Infernal Tyrant
- Make sure to have Harmony of Flame in your hand before you start the combo, because it will make sure you have enough Power to play it (you need atleast 10 Power to play the combo)
- If there are enough units on your board, play Infernal Tyrant (yes it will kill all your little grenadines, who cares), THEN play Xenan Fanatic and PASS
- Watch your enemy explode

Infernal Tyrant does 2 damage to each of your units, while having lifesteal, thus you gain the Damage done as health
Xenan Fanatic does damage equal to the health you gained
so if you have 8 units for example, they will turn into 16 Damage with the combo
If you have 6 grenadins and 2 Stonescar Scrapper its: (8x2) + (6x2) = 28 damage
if its 4 grenadins, 1 Grenamender, 1 Disassembler and 2Stonescrapper its: (8x2) + 3 + 6 + (6x2) = 37
and so on.
The highest I came to was 58 so far

The combo isn't the only wincon, you can also just spam the board with unit and use Shrine to Karvet as wincon.

I only played Casual with it and it stands at 9 wins to 4 losses, quite decent, but there were atleast 2 lucky wins

Suggestions are welcome, as always :)

Have fun


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21 17 13

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June 21, 2020


Eternal Version
Shadow of the Spire

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