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Skycrag Control

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I have been running my own Skycrag Control deck for a while but never published it because while it was fun for me it was subpar in general. With the release of the new set this deck is now more competitive and more important for me, a lot of fun. Since the release of the set I have been running around 75% win rate with this deck (it was around 50% before Xulta). I am not going to explain all cards in the deck but just the noteworthy.

Unlike other SkyCrag Control decks this one is heavily based on spells and have plenty of units.

I only use this card in this deck and I have never seen anyone else using it. It is a vulnerable one drop legendary but a nice payoff for spell based decks but is rarely used. The reason I do use it here is because the effect it has in my opponent. Sometimes they use a good removal (2,3,4 cost) because they are not sure what I am planning to do with this card, that is good for me. Other times it is the opposite, they do not properly evaluate their danger until later when it start to play the hounds, and even better, if they do not remove you may eventually get to play your Royal Decree on second turn.

Blitrok, Linrei's Listener
I am really enjoying the Listeners in the new set. Blitrok plays very good in Control decks as soon as you start reaching 6 or 7 power. It escalates fast. It is easily one of my favourite Primal cards now.

Edict of Shavka
In the current meta it is very common to face Argenport decks and in the majority of your games you are likely to see either Primal or Justice. A 1-cost that penetrates Aegis, deals 5 damage including to sites.... Yes, it is conditional, but I cannot get any better. This is probably the best 1-cost ever against Argenport. If you are not playing against Justice or Primal then this is your choice card to discard with Jennev Merchant or Honor of Claws

Daring Gryffyn
I find this card very interesting and, occasionally, very powerful in some occasions. Specially when I get to play it after a Jotun Feast-Caller. However sometimes it will play against you when the enemy have low cost spells to spare making you waste this 4-cost. It is also a waste to play it by its own, it always must be played with another unit in the table. This is why I am running only two and evaluating its performance.

Garden of Omens

I was not using this site in the previous version of this deck. That was a mistake. The synergy this card has on this deck is amazing. I should have added it before. For now I am running only two because in a control deck like this I may end wasting my site occasionally. Also, as mentioned, the deck is not heavily based on spells and this site works best with big spells. That is why I choose to run only two. That is why I am not running Channel the Tempest in my deck, as that is not what I am trying to achieve here.

There is room for improvement here so I would love to hear feedback.


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Influence Requirements
2 3

Power Sources
14 19 8

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Deck Rarities
13 23 25 2 11

Card Types
19 4 30 2 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


October 12, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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