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argentport hard unitless control for gauntlet

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This deck, if played right, can beat gauntlet 90% of the time. it does take a bit though lol.
as a control deck your trying to outlast your opponent. so don't worry about damage, just worry about hitting your power reqs, keeping the board clear, and drawing cards.

most of the deck speaks for itself, kill cards kill things, power cards power things. your primary win cons are in the market, but auric runehammer tends to be the biggest damage dealer (just remember night kills it). the long game plan is to get azindel's gift and encroaching darkness on the opponent, save a sabotage to remove aegis. other than that, makto is just an all around resilient threat, vara can gain back life (as well as pumas from monument), and devastating setback deals with early game threats if you're being overrun and possibly stuck on power.

wanted poster and lethrai dead drop are your main forms of card advantage. its usually best practice to take a hit from a unit so that you can play poster on it, and get your cards back. but also keeping the board clear so that dead drop doesn't hurt you.

weaknesses; sites, and direct damage. since this is mostly unitless control, sites seem like they are an issue. however most sites are unit focused, and if there are no units they don't do much. you can usually ignore them and just kill the unit they make. (rune hammer can't hit sites (WHY!?)). direct damage is mainly how this deck dies (if not from power problems inherent to the game). decks with big burn cards are scary. thats when you'll want to focus on getting vara out, and killing them with rune hammer. not too much you can do but its not unbeatable by any stretch.

Budget swaps: there are some rares that are key to the deck, merchant, harsh rule, nothing remains, and dead drop. merchant and sweapers are kinda the name of the game and are needed. however you could have either shadow or argenport merchants. dead drop makes the deck sing, there isn't a good replacement, but cull the deck was being ran until i found dead drop. your market cards are super flexable, as you can basically win with a ham sandwich if you want. these are what i like and what i have. also being 1ofs helps with the shiftstone.

honestly ive found this deck to be super fun, and i hope you have fun with it too


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17 22 14

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Into Shadow [Set1004]


May 22, 2022


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osmosisch Eternal Version: 22.05.18
Works like a charm!
I've subbed in some Saloon Massacres and Defiles for earlier sweeping and defence, trimming the counts of Vanquish and Topple. The way Defile gives your Argenport Blueprints something to fetch is especially fun to me.

I'd like to add in Poacher's Menagerie either in the main or the market just because it's so much fun.
hobbes Eternal Version: 22.05.24
Glad your enjoying it, and the swaps for vanquish and topple are good choices, as those are some of the weaker kill spells.
synack Edited Eternal Version: 22.05.24
I took out setback for Poacher's Menagerie, it just fills up the board with blockers and then eventually wins you the game. I also swapped Topple with Extract for a bit more lifesteal, but I'm thinking I might switch it some something else that deals direct damage and that is at least fast to make it easier to deal with equipment.
hobbes Eternal Version: 22.05.24
I also swapped topple for extract, as I was finding issues with direct damage. also I'm gonna try Poacher's menagerie since that sounds fun. glad yinz like the deck, I personally had been having fun with it, so I figured I'd share.