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Man, talk about a deck basically dying overnight thanks to rotation and a new card pool. Losing wanted poster and the smuggler's for a real black market basically destroyed this deck. Add on to passive curse removal being awful thanks to strangers' boardwide buffs, relic hate almost everywhere, and basically being defenseless against armory, I will fully admit this is not a tier 1 deck at all anymore. Still, I'm trying to make this work despite all this.

So JPS curses was one of my favorite decks back in the last expedition format and to rekindle my love for it, I tried to build this's not that good, but if you're like me and love curses, it's worth a shot as I have won some games (usually at like 2 life by the skin of my teeth) and climbed from Gold to Diamond 1/2 with it.

Basically you want to stall and control until you can stick Restrained action/Kodosh sees all on them. Restrained action is actually quite nice (one of the few cards curses actually got in support in Echoes of Eternity) to fetch all your curse causing guys at instant speed (makes Archgryffyn Patriarch basically a draw 4+ late game with a body attached) and makes Felrauk's choice hard removal due to the pacify effect placed on their units. There is no market and I'm not sure if that's correct or what market to run at all; all the choices in the market options kind of suck for the most part. I originally had the 4 cost market with transpose, but I only ever grabbed Mercy of Kodosh (can fetch with Parul's choice anyway) or fell ritual for the most part and it just wasn't enough to justify running such an otherwise weak card. Maybe the shadow market could be good (Seek power, Edict of Makkar, Sabotage, Electrostatic Distortion, and something else could be OK), but again, the market cards themselves are very weak and do not help our curse gameplan.

Anyway, I'm still having fun with this deck and maybe you will too. I also built a Hooru only curse deck which I also might post since it does perform a bit better.

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2 2 2

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13 12 12 12

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33 24 5

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17 12 18 3 25

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Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


March 26, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.50.10 - Market Changes

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