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Battle Ragers

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Very straightforward deck, designed to bash face with Berserk Units wielding weapons. With very little fast speed removal in the format (Grisly Contest, Lightning Strike, and MAYBE Entrapment or Bring Down are realistically the only few you need to play around), we can safely equip a weapon and beserk attack without fear of being blown out.

The berserk units speak for themselves. Warbrush Oni is often the first unit to play, buffing all the berserk units in hand. The Temper from Hotblood Barbarian often comes in handy (especially pitching a spare power or 1-drop) for finishing off a blocker, or clearing out a utility unit, as well as buffing the next unit our deck. Granite Acolyte is a wonderful turn 3 play, allowing your berserk 2-drop to hit for a ton of damage.

Our removal package starts with old faithful Torch. Blitz Stone does everything you could ask for, clear out a blocker, gives charge for a berserk attack out of nowhere, and even buffs both attacks. Inoa's Fury also likewise doubles as both removal and buff. Often if you make a (seemingly) suicidal berserk attack, the opponent will block, not wanting to get hit twice in the face. The +2 and Quickdraw will usually be enough finish off the blocker, and quickdraw stays to the end of the turn, which includs the berserk attack as well.

Changeestik both buffs our units and provides evasion, and can even deal with particularly troublesome units if the game goes that late. While Scythe Slash just represents a mountain of damage that can end the game in a flash. Play it on turn 3 on a berserk 2-drop and that's 12 overwhelm damage seemingly out of nowhere.

The introduction of Runes even allows our powerbase to contribute to the overall plan, Rune of Flame either clearing out a blocker or going face, and Rune of Trickery sidelining a large blocker so we can punch through for lethal. Granite Coin could also be a consideration, but we need enough sigils to ensure our Runes don't come into play depleted too often.

Finally, with so many fragile units, the worst turn 1 play to face is a simple Grenadin Drone, so Torrential Downpour is in the deck to to clear out those pesky (mostly fire) X-1's that otherwise would present an issue. Frost is by far the biggest flex slot, and is really only in there to deal with large immovable blockers, but could easily be Ornate Katana or Stalking Cyberfang or even Junk Obstructor.

By far your best market cards are Kaleb's Persuader and Gemblazer Cannon the deck is designed to take advantage of starting the game with either of these powerful weapons in hand. The other market cards have a high impact the turn they come down, and can take over the game if they aren't dealt with. Jekk, Mercenary Hunter, is, well, Jekk, and clears out blockers for our berserk attacks, Linrei's Codex gives all our units flying so they can fly over enemy units to hit face, and Inferno Den just dominates if it isn't dealt with ASAP.

The sideboard contains possible rare / uncommon replacements for the Legendaries in the market, although you can also run any high impact cards you might already own (there are some suggestions in the sideboard). Basically our market cards act as the finisher to close out the game, so even something as simple as Obliterate, Pyrotech Explosion or even Sear can work.

Event Information

Pauper Uprising
July 2-5, 2021
Your deck may only contain common cards, but markets can be packed with value


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Influence Requirements
3 3

Power Sources
15 14 4

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Deck Rarities
62 1 4

Card Types
25 11 18 1 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Shadow of the Spire [Set1087]
Bastion Rising [Set1097]
Buried Memories [Set1105]
Stormbreak [Set1107]


July 2, 2021


Eternal Version

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