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This is a volatile moment in our nation's history [Top 100 EXP Masters]

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Why is it that in Creation, the greatest, most wealthy faction in the history of Myria, our players are forced to draw a single card per turn? Look at Elysian. A much smaller faction, sure, but their players can draw an extra card every turn because of their socialized Spellshaper policies. Xenan Strangers, of course, has a robust Grodov-based drawing policy. These factions, much less wealthy than ours, can even tutor for the answers they need. And I say, so should we!

With Volatility, we will reform our country's draw policy. The players that are most in need can get the help they need, drawing into the exact sort of game-winning cards they need to win a game. Dragon Forge can tutor for many essential cards, and Moment of Creation is a robust payoff that can hold off a wide board early and outright win a game late.

As the great advocate of non-violent protest Talir once said, "The greatness of a nation can be judged by how it treats its weakest member." And I say under these policies, even the weakest of our people can prosper!

(Bernie 2020, vote for Medicare for All!)

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February 28, 2020


Eternal Version
Echoes of Eternity

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Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.50.9
thought I'd give your deck a spin ;) enjoyed the write up a lot if you could tell :P
Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.50.8
card draw for all <3
Bloodystr1ker Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Medicare for all? Yeah, no.
Thatresolves Eternal Version: 1.50.8
oh keep up buttercup
y2chae Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Bloodystr1ker Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Not triggered. I don't let that trigger me. I just don't want to see all of the money I earn be taken at the rate of over 50%(and I am a lower middle class worker)to pay for healthcare our country can't afford. That is my argument. Facts, not triggered feelings.
ambleseed Eternal Version: 1.50.8
You wouldn't be hit that hard. It's a 52% tax for incomes past 10,000,000. Look it up.
Bloodystr1ker Edited Eternal Version: 1.50.8
I did and that isn't going to pay for it. It would hit every U.S. tax payer because the cost for just ten years would be over 30 trillion. Just for the healthcare. With the rest of the spending our government does, we won't be able to pay for everything based on the tax revenue the country brings in right now. We bring in a little over 3 trillion in tax revenue right now and we spend almost as much without an additional 3 trillion for a bad idea like healthcare for all. The only way to pay for it is to raise taxes on everyone. Because if you start punishing the rich people, they will leave.
They will leave because they are leaving California and New York at record rates because of taxes being raised in those areas.
Healthcare can obviously be done much better than how it is now or how its ever been. The big problem is we don't have a medical infrastructure in place to handle what will happen if it becomes free. Meaning, and this is not bashing anyone because you'll see me doing the exact same thing, everyone is going to set appointments and try to get medical needs addressed and that will back up the system horribly and some people will be waiting forever to get treatment. And it'll be Medicaid for all, not Medicare...Medicaid is government run healthcare and it is done very poorly right now. It won't get better if we put those idiots in charge to run the entire healthcare system....
Aliamos Eternal Version: 1.50.8
damn bro, you only had to lick the boot, not deep throat it
JTJag Eternal Version: 1.50.8
The United States plays more per capita on health care than any nation in the world. Money that would otherwise be paid by the government is shifted directly to the consumer. This means that diabetics are literally dying from rationing their insulin because they can't afford to pay for a regular doses of a life-saving medication. This isn't something that happens in any other developed country in the world, because nearly every other developed country in the world has government-controlled or regulated health care. But keep insisting "It Wouldn't Work Here Though" I guess!
Bloodystr1ker Eternal Version: 1.50.8
I have diabetics in my family that don't have those issues because their private healthcare covers it. There is a better way to do healthcare and the US Govt will eff it up.
Hanoth Eternal Version: 1.50.9
So your arguement is get a good job, a good inheritance or die?
Bloodystr1ker Eternal Version: 1.50.9
Where did I say that? I said they have healthcare because they work. People that can't work because of physical limitations and so forth can get Medicaid, which is Free Govt healthcare. Sorry, but Socialism is a stupid idea and is as stupid as Bernie Sanders and his terrible ideas that will wreck our country.
PandaBroPound Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Grenadine drone- "not me, us!"
abby315 Eternal Version: 1.50.8
Phew! I was brewing a similar deck for Throne, I didn't even realize Moment was in Expedition. Awesome brew, & even better write up #feeltheBern