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Top 200 Masters Rakano Valkyries Midrange

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Update 10/27: Icaria no longer works without running extra draw through cookbook and then you need to run boardwipes and then you're no longer an aggro deck. BUT deck still works OK now with Telut at 7. Had to increase unit density since Telut heavily relies on anything sticking but even a 1/1 Amilli token immediately becomes a 4/4 and can win a game on its own. Deck feels playable, around tier 2 maybe down from tier 1 which means you can still make masters with it.

Update 8/26 It turns out 1 mana aegis that can also save your Icaria from Carnosaur is a good card. Also, Deepforged Plate as a 5 drop instead of Harsh Rule is easier to play (not sure if better). Feel free to run more board wipes if you want instead. Marley is a good target for Plate on 5 so we run 2 of her and cut all 4 unseen commandos because there's too much torch and they mostly either die for nothing or snowball already won games. Marley just stalls the ground instead against most non-gigantic time units which are better on average.

Update 8/17 Added 2 main deck Harsh rules seeing too many go wide decks.

Went 18 - 3 in the event running this list. Has been doing well on the ladder with about a 60% win rate with lots of misplays.

Credit to JoeyJoJoJr and his top 10 list for the inspiration to run Crownwatch Standard. His list is here:

This list runs a total of 26 Fire and 40 Justice sources. Shiftstoned power calculator gives us 90% likely to hit FFFJJJ on 7 for instance compared to 72 - 80% for most FJS removal pile lists.

This is a midrange deck with some ramp that leans towards aggro since it ramps into threats rather than card draw like Aid of the Hooru/Channel the Tempest. Feel free to experiment with running Harsh Rules/Rise to the Challenge. If you want to run both then you'd probably rather just play Icaria Blue since the deck can't fit 7 more slow cards without sacrificing its aggressive plan.

Unseen commando is the best unit from set 3 and wins games on its own uncontested. It is on average much better than whirling duo and synergizes with Rizahn and both Icarias.

Most decks have silence targets of some sort, generally, try to get value out of Enforcer if it's reasonably early in the match against non-aggro. Especially hold onto him if you need to silence a Sandstorm Titan so you can win the game or if the opponent is playing Vodakhan style decks. Otherwise, hitting ramp units, enemy fliers, units with annoying keywords like flying, lifesteal is fine.

Runehammer without Rise to the Challenge is only 1 more damage than Torch but it kills opposing Rizahns, Aurelian Merchants and Jotun Feastcallers. Consider replacing with Jawbone Greatswords if the meta shits to needing to kill 5 health things. You'll probably also want to cut a J or 2 for another F power.

Against aggro, we play defensively until we can turn the game around with a life stealing Rizahn, a big Crownwatch Standard combat trick (probably blocking) or an Icaria.

Against control, we try to ramp up to Icaria ASAP while applying some pressure with 1 or 2 small units (don't get 3 for 1'ed or more by sweepers if you can help it) and possibly also runehammer to the face.

Plan A: We want to be able to cast our fatties extremely consistently and ideally ahead of curve with Bulletshaper. Turn 3 Amillis and Turn 5 Icaria's win games. Turn 5 Rizahn less so. 3 copies of Amili, because she doesn't have guaranteed value and her free tokens, aren't really game-winning unless you drop her unanswered on T3 or she gets to attack for like, 2+ turns in a row.

Plan B: This deck does an OK, not great, job of playing strong but not stupidly so (looking at you Teaching of Humility, Alessi and Awakened Student) units on normal no cheated mana curve with some cheap removal in Torch and Vanquish while hitting face in the air.

Random tips:

This deck has a very bad match up against Hooru Fliers. They run Hailstorm which clears all of our small guys while leaving Pacifier and Shelterwing alive and bigger bodies in the air than us that we generally can't punch through. It might* help to run Jawbone GS with 5 attack for that MU but I'd probably just find another deck to play since JGS is generally a lot worse than runehammer.

If we are not afraid of hailstorm it is often correct with a hand of Bulletshaper, little Icaria and Privilege of Rank to play both minions on T2 with a threat of ramping with Icaria ultimate on 3. This play is also often correct against Skycrag and other pure aggro decks that run torch because playing Privilege is too expensive to actually pay full cost for.

Against very slow lists it is often correct with little Icaria in hand to wait until T5 to play her and ultimate immediately, especially with big Icarias in hand on turn 6. Buffing her up to 6/6 prevents her from being killed by Jawbone Greatswords and Xenan Initiated Dawnwalkers.

Ijin's choice is relic removal for Sandstorm Scarves and Combustion Cells and Xenan Obelisks and very rarely extra reach.
Deepforged Plate is really good as surprise reach on Permafrosted units and against decks like Praxis Midrange that can't deal with units bigger than their Carnosaurs.


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18 22 12

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Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Into Shadow [Set1004]

Aggro Midrange

October 27, 2018

August 15, 2018


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v1.40 - Bug fixes

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senguku Eternal Version: 1.37
Loving this deck so far, thanks for sharing it. Did you experiment with Copperhall Bracers at all? Too slow for this deck?
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
For whatever reason, if you bracer something and they torch it and then you pay 1 mana to make all of your guys invulnerable your guy will still die.

Bracer would be OK if this deck ran more cheap aegis units to put it on but crownwatch paladin is in a really bad spot right now because of all of the token decks and kosul battlemage doesn't have enough combat tricks in this deck to make him worthwhile.

Bracer would probably have to fit in another deck entirely. This deck's early game is to ramp/stall for fatties and at that point putting equipments on them that don't add overwhelm is mostly win more.

Hope that helps.
NecroSphinX Eternal Version: 1.37
Hi how is this on ladder? Im stuck on Gold and cant even reach Gold II. I crafted a few decks but no one is helping me to climb xD .
Gandalf Eternal Version: 1.40
I've been running the other straight Rakano Valkyries deck, Cookbook Valkyrie, and I met this or something like it on ladder, and by the end I just wanted HIS deck instead of mine.
svrQQ Edited Eternal Version: 1.37
This deck is good against token decks and time decks running fatties. Without cheating something out it only has bad matchups against greedy Hooru Flying decks like the one BruisedByGod won a tourney with recently and in my experience Icaria Blue.

If you cheat out a T5 Icaria you probably beat most anything especially if your next draw is a 10/10 Icaria.

You can google tournament videos of this archetype. If you want to pay me you can PM me I can do Skype coaching also. You might also have luck asking for help on discord. Added some stuff on match ups.
senguku Eternal Version: 1.37
This is pretty good for climbing. I've been cruising through gold with it so far. Around 6-2 at the time of writing going from Gold II to Gold I. It has a lot of lifesteal, which helps against the aggro decks, and the ramp is great against everything.
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
Awesome. I added some match up stuff. This deck can definitely take you to Masters assuming Hooru Fliers doesn't become super popular (it's a bad MU). Good luck!
Owner Eternal Version: 1.37
There you go. Thanks for this.
svrQQ Eternal Version: 1.37
You're welcome :)