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*Masters Mono-T (Exp)

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Fairly simple deck. Last weekend I went about 20-5 with it, maybe just lucky. Ubsat (Tasbu spelled backwards) or as I like to call him, Upset, played on turn 4 or 5 will usually give you an auto-concede, obviously especially playing against another mono deck. Alhed gets huge, and decay stops zombies coming back. Giving killer to a Dawnwalker is always useful, especially when you have Grodovs Burden up. Pause for reflection can save a small guy, or better used for Friendly Wisp to draw 2 more cards. And the giants, well, are just giants. You may use the time stranger, but I didn't have room for him. I prefer Alchemist for fixing and control.

I chose the usual great time cards for market, but you can switch Hall of Lost Kings for Swirl of Sands or something else. I keep it because I usually have more than 25 hit points with Pause and Upset, and menacing giants that force opponent to use control on their turns. Then boom 5 5/5 sentinels to make it worse :p but keep the site, it makes units cost 1 less.

I was going to keep this deck to myself because I brewed it myself, but hey, if I can help at least 1 person out, I feel better :) Take care, let me know what you think

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Whispers of the Throne [Set1085]
Awakening [Set1095]


September 16, 2020


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Mifune Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Was looking for a deck making good use of Alhed, found this and wasn't disappointed :D
Made a few changes but the core remains the same!
Thanks for sharing!
kingphantom88 Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Awewome dude :)
Leppity Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! I am currently 14-3 with this deck, including a 9 game win streak! Went from Gold 2 to currently in Gold 1.
kingphantom88 Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Sweet bro! Good luck with this month's exp :)
RumblerX Eternal Version: 20.09.03
I'd like to start by saying Time is a busted right out the gate and it's hands down my favorite faction, but is Prism Golem worth not splashing for another faction? Shadow for instance grants access to a ton of versatile removal that Time just doesn't have access to. Killer in itself is very good, but it's stopped by lots of different things. Where fast removal just does the trick without the worry of just desserts or any primal attacker grief spells or even bigger units. I'm also - like the commenter below - not in love with wisp. It's VERY weak by itself. When it triggers it's great, when you rip it the turn after a resolved harsh rule it's mortifying. In my experience Temple Scribe is a much better card in those situations and can even be plundered away if you're hoping to draw a power card off it anyway.
One thing I really do love about this faction is it's ability to hold an opponent off. So when playing decks like this Wasteland Broker seems like a huge miss. The ability to play not 1 but 4 copies of a certain card is very appealing to decks that can grind out games. Stashing some of your fatties in the market also keeps you from having super clunky draws and you'll still be getting the 4 copies regardless.
At any rate, great job with the wins. The deck looks very fun.
kingphantom88 Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Yeah these are good suggestions :) and I do have a Xenan deck similar to this, but I like to try mono faction decks for exp
efertik Eternal Version: 20.09.03
I have also had some success with Mono-Time. A few differences from your deck:

1. Have you had much success with Pause for Reflection? You can play some cute tricks with it, and it can save your cards, but you aren't fast enough to really take advantage of any tempo gain.
2. I remember Friendly Wisp back in the day ... but I think the problem is that the base card isn't very good, and you aren't playing Xenan Obelisk, so the card by itself is pretty worthless. I question the card in this deck.
3. No Trail Maker? Not only does it help you ramp, it also gives you more influence, which can be crucial with Alhed or Ubsat. (Without it, the only way you can get turn 4 Ubsat is with Time Symbol.
4. Have you considered Hermit Gardener instead of Braun? Braun is just a big dude, and if he gets killed you have a big tempo loss. By contrast, the Gardener can punish an opponent's Turn to Seed, and also leaves behind a few chump blockers as well.
5. I'm not really sure about your market. Obviously, you are going to be getting Grodov's Burden most of the time anyway ... but in particular I'd recommend Swirl the Sands. Not only does it hit relics, but can hit flyers too! You will almost always get it against mono Shadow, and sometimes against mono Primal as well.
6. 6 six-drops seems a bit much, especially when you have no ramp. I personally prefer Touvon, but I'd go with one or the other.

Hope this is helpful!
Grundle Eternal Version: 20.10.06
Do you have your modified deck list? These comments make sense to me but I don't have a complete deck.

Any thoughts on broker and maybe a fatty in the market?

Maybe temple scribe?
kingphantom88 Edited Eternal Version: 20.09.03
Yeah these are good points. But yeah many cards could be switched out and be better in certain situations. All I'm saying is I went 20-5 and hit Masters with this version.

But yeah Trail Maker could work for ramp and influence, or the time stranger would be cool. I just liked the wisp and reflections for early card draw, or a very temporary but crucial control tactic, and bonus HP for the Hall of Lost Kings Lol-factor. Hermit is a great idea too! I just like units that can create additional units for replacement value, and the +1 power.

For the market I had Swirl of Sands first, but I prefered From Below only because it costs 1, so I could play my big cards (especially Grodovs Stranger) and not be afraid of an Argenport blowout, which Ive seen a lot. So they spend their entire turn on a weapon, then gets broken and I get to smack them again. But yeah the very top decks in exp are the Kiras with flying and double damage, so Swirl maybe maybe will find its way back, if I play this again. I just get to Masters and stop playing :p

Thank you for the ideas, especially the Gardener!