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TheSkeeJay Big Praxis (updated)

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Hey guys, if you happened to catch my stream on July 31 then you got to see the true power of this deck. It got me up to rank 7 after being in the gutter. I didn't keep track of winrate, but my VOD speaks for itself.

Don't scoff at Sand Viper, Archive Curator, or Flamestoker. Every card, including the bad ones, pulled their weight and assisted in very good wins. I hope you give this deck a shot and feel the Heart!


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3 3

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16 17 8

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23 10 13 12

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35 2 13 0 25


August 1, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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meaningqo Eternal Version: 1.23
hey, sorry for digging up this list a month after its posted, just wanted to ask whether you would have any updates to the list, or if its still up-to-date the way it is :)
TheSkeeJay Eternal Version: 1.23
Yeah I haven't revisited this list in awhile haha. Giving it some quick thought, I think the Armorers might want to be extra copies of Sand Viper and Obliterate. Other than that nothing immediately comes to mind as important changes, although I'd love to see some Purifies get added in somewhere. Maybe instead of the 4th Obliterate you add in 2 Purifies and take out one of the Flame Blasts?
Nefariousdolly Edited Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Nice deck. Has two of my favorite cards in it. Flamestoker and Obliterate. Definitely a thumbs up :-D
nmyoung Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Yeah, this right here is solid. I tried your last version of this and was really unimpressed lol it just wasn't clicking for some reason. But this feels crazy powerful already