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Aggressive Spellkano Midrange

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This deck has been doing remarkably well for me this weekend. You may not have heard, but Unseen Commando and Valkyrie Enforcer are both pretty good. And that Icaria, the Liberator girl? Yeah, also good. This deck is mainly just a collection of really good cards that doesn't require any amazing synergies (although there are some, of course. I don't build boring decks....except maybe that Rally Queen one.)

I want to talk about some specific choices and thoughts. Of course, as always, mess around with this deck and see if a configuration works better. There are certainly things that I missed.

Bulletshaper seems like the quintessential Rakano Midrange card. He lets you discard Privilege of Rank when you need to, or ramps you to 5, 6, or 7 in other cases. He also puts spells in your void for Rizahn, Greatbow Master and is also a 2/3 blocker of Oni's.

I want to talk about the 3 drops as a group. They are all good, so I am playing them.

Rizahn, Greatbow Master is the new hotness and is what gave this deck legs. It's a Torch on a stick, and is often a 2 for 1. Reckless is largely a downside, but it does allow him to be buffed by Unseen Commando even when he doesn't have Lifesteal. It's entirely possible that the optimized version of this deck plays fewer than 4, but I honestly doubt it and think 4 is great.

Only 2 Icaria, the Liberator? Hey, hey, hey! There are 2 Rise to the Challenge and one more Icaria in the Market! I originally had 3 but felt like I needed one additional spell for Rizahn reasons (That spell became the 1-of Lingering Influence). I'm absolutely not going below the number of Icarias in the deck, but I still feel like I need one or two more spells to consistenly have a good Bulletshaper or Rizahn.

Rakano getting access to a Crest really helps a lot of things going on here. It makes it easier to get away with playing 10 Justice Sigils, which you really need if you're going to play Privilege of Rank and Lingering Influence. It also makes it so you don't live entirely off of the top of your deck anymore and you have actual draw manipulation.

THE MARKET: Meh. This part is tough. Markets are hard. Going in, I knew I wanted Icaria, Harsh Rule, and Rakano Banner. But the other two slots are very much up in the air. Since we're playing the Justice Merchant, we don't have access to cards like Bore, so I settled for Ijin's Choice. And Throne Warden was the other pick because I wanted a little insulation against aggressive strategies. I feel like I should have moved one of the Vanquishes to the Market though, just to be able to answer big fatties more consistently.

If you're thinking the spell count seems low (only 16 in the main deck) then I agree with you. Finding room to cut units for spells is the #1 priority right now, but every unit is very important to what makes the deck function so I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

As always, let me know what you think in the comments. Did I forget to explain something? Do you have any ideas of what to add? Or did you give it a try and love it as-is? Leave a comment! And also, hit the thumbs up button because I put a lot of effort into this write-up and upvotes make me feel validated.

Thanks for reading everybody! Make sure you tune into my stream at every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


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June 30, 2018


Eternal Version
v1.36 - The Fall of Argenport

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