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Inspired by some of the other Kalis style decks I decided to give making my own a bash. Really enjoying it so far and it's performing really well in the lower leagues (plus it's super cheap!).

Madness is one of my favourite cards in the game, it's great to watch your opponent develop out a board with some sweet sweet units just to steal them and run them into their face, before sacrificing it to Combust, Bloodrite Kalis, Devour or Brimstone Altar

See it in action here and here,


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1 1

Power Sources
14 15 4

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Deck Rarities
24 21 9

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15 7 28 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Jekk's Bounty [Set1001]

Aggro Control

June 27, 2017


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Treelamp Eternal Version: 1.21
Holy balls, 4x Kalis and 3x Altar, that seems crazy. I run a fairly similar deck, but I don't have nearly as much of that going on :P

I also cut out Smugglers because it's often slightly too slow for my taste, where as I run Shadowlands Guide and Ticking Grenadin for more power efficient recursion and a bit of reach. Pretty sure I also play 4 Torrent, because that's a pretty sweet card, but the rest is fairly identical. Altar into Madness next turn is always a laugh.
Apathy Eternal Version: 1.21
It totally works in practice, it's wierd, I was running 3 X Kalis before and like you I was running ticking grenadin with shadowlands guide, but as I started to cut cards out I started to run out of useful 1 drops to bring back with shadowlands guide (I'd completely taken out the slumbering stones and ticking Grenadian at that point in time. So I took it out, slotted in another Kalis, 4 recoguoators (they are insane for this deck) and a couple of smugglers stash.

The list is always in progress but it's working really well for me at the moment and I really enjoy the style of play :)