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Yeti Warband (armed yetis) V1.0

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This is a deck I threw together really quickly but I kind of like it. There may be another deck like this one but I haven't seen it. The goal is to just beat your opponent down really quickly, and skycragg is great at that. I chose yetis because they are rather versatile in their abilities and with Wump, Party Starter they can scale up a bit with their stats and potentially end the game with the snowball effect if the opponent is low enough. I added in a weapon pack to arm the yetis and generate larger threats with card draw potential in Oni Quartermaster and Icebow, which works with infiltrate abilities. Scouting Party is another card I would consider for this deck, maybe in place of crowd favorite. It seems fun and unique to me and I would love to hear some feedback and possible ways to improve it. Have fun playing the deck and feel free to make variations to it, thanks :)


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2 2

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17 15 7

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24 21 8 4

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34 12 4 0 25


September 28, 2017


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