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Blue Armory

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I called this version Blue Armory, since its playstyle is very much like Traditional Armory. Since the nerfs, Trad Armory has lost half of its card draw (or at least can't play it as easily). I switched to the blue splash and this version has been working great.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
3 3 2

Power Sources
14 15 11 14

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Deck Rarities
16 27 16 4

Card Types
11 9 29 0 26


August 20, 2017


Eternal Version

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Seifangus Eternal Version: 1.23
Love the list. Glad to see a top armory player showing that the archetype is still alive. Do you think Molot and Nakova is too expensive to include as a 1 of? Was there a decision made to do 2x icaria over 1 icaria & 1 M&N?
TonyGeeeee Eternal Version: 1.23
Good question. I tried adding the twin dragons in the deck, but I had a hard time having 3 Blue by turn 8. While it is relatively easy to get 2 blues by 3 (with seek power/favor), having the 3rd one while trying to get 3 green AND 3 reds was far from easy. In a deck that revolves around weapons, Icaria is a better fit, but if I was playing it in the ETS, I would put 1 Twins in the sideboard
Menduba Eternal Version: 1.23
I love your decklists so much I created an account just to tell you that and I saved your page.
erectorz Eternal Version: 1.23
loving the deck, i replaced an icaria and a starsteel with a sword of icaria and a sword of the sky king (for lulz) other than that its been working really well, thanks for keeping armory alive!
Dabsence Eternal Version: 1.23
I'm playing Kothon in place of Rakano Artisan. Otherwise loving this list.
Dabsence Eternal Version: 1.23
And got 10 ranked wins in a mate
TonyGeeeee Edited Eternal Version: 1.23
Artisans buff 9 weapons in your deck, that's why I choose to put it instead of Kothon. While a good unit overall, I didnt find it better than artisan based on this deck's strategy of playing big weapons
Dabsence Eternal Version: 1.23
I see Kothon more as a meta pick. Artisan is better into midrange big unit decks to get extra stats on weapons for sure, but Kothon helps more against aggro and the flier meta going around atm. I think I would prefer the artisans in a tournament settings, but the kothons feel great on ladder.