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My card pool for the monthly LEAGUE Prize of freedom Please help a new player

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Work in Progress
1 Blind Storyteller x1 1 Blood Beetle x1 1 Bloodcall Invocation x1 1 Bottoms Up x1 1 Crownwatch Squire x1 1 Crystal Dirk x1 1 Gift of Battle x1 1 Hearty Stranger x1 1 Initiate of the Sands x1 1 On the Hunt x1 1 Ruthless Stranger x1 1 Scorpion x2 1 Secret Passage x1 1 Snowcrust Yeti x1 1 Svetya's Bravery x2 1 Water of Life x1 2 Bold Adventurer x1 2 Bring Down x1 2 Changeestik x1 2 Conflagrate x1 2 Crownwatch Paladin x1 2 Curator's Spear x1 2 Golem Press x1 2 Grim Stranger x1 2 Kosul Huntsman x1 2 Lightning Strike x1 2 Longshot Marksman x1 2 Purify x1 2 Sand Viper x1 2 Sauropod Wrangler x1 2 Sparring Partner x1 2 Sustaining Harp x1 2 Twinning Ritual x1 2 Vara's Choice x1 2 Yeti Snowchucker x1 2 Yeti Snowslinger x1 3 Avirax Familiar x1 3 Carnivorous Sauropod x1 3 Deft Strike x1 3 Disrupt x1 3 Eilyn's Choice x1 3 Fireheart Recruit x1 3 Fledgling Avisaur x1 3 Journeyman Armorer x1 3 Kosul Recruit x1 3 Manufacture x1 3 Mighty Strikes x1 3 Oni Eulogist x1 3 Rally x1 3 Ravenous Thornbeast x1 3 Rebel Sharpshooter x1 3 Siraf's Beacon x1 3 Skeeter x1 3 Slay x1 3 Tumbling Sloth x2 4 Aerial Spotter x1 4 Armorsmith x1 4 Cripple x1 4 Lethrai Intimidator x1 4 Mass Entomancy x1 4 Pompous Historian x1 4 Ruckus Rouser x1 4 Scavenging Spikeback x1 4 Soulbringer x1 4 Spiked Buckler x1 4 Spitfire x1 4 Striped Araktodon x1 4 Xenan Guardian x1 5 Breathstealer x1 5 Confiscate x1 5 Downfall x1 5 Explorer Emeritus x1 5 Hooru Fledgling x1 5 Jotun Warrior x1 5 Kosul Beastmaster x1 5 Pit Fighter x1 5 Rampart Arbalest x1 6 Aerialist's Khopesh x1 6 Blistersting Claws x1 6 Direwood Rampager x1 6 North-Wind Herald x1 6 Oathkeeper's Hammer x1 6 Towering Stranger x1 7 Core Scavenger x1 7 Reality Shift x1 8 Runic Protector x1 9 Acantha, the Huntress x1 Elysian Banner x1 Praxis Banner x1 Rakano Banner x1 Token of Honor x1 Token of Knowledge x1 Token of Vision x1

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hello @ all
i started ECG last month and i am still very unexpierend.
can i find anywhere a guide for the deckbuilding in the league?
is it worth to restart the league to get another 8 packs and hope to get better cards?
do i although get the additional packs which will come the next few weeks?
how can i resign and start a new run?

if anybody could help me to build a solid deck out of this cards i would be very grateful!
can i just wait until the 4th week(and hope to get better cards) and then do my 40 ranking runs?

thank at everbody who could help me
and good luck in this league @ all

Event Information

League - Chapter 27: Price of Freedom
February 1-28, 2019
You don’t need hired guns. You need believers who’ll fight for lost causes


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
1 2 2 2 2

Power Sources
3 4 3 3 2 6

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Deck Rarities
64 24 8

Card Types
52 12 26 0 6


February 3, 2019


Eternal Version
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Jgliss31 Eternal Version: 1.43
It looks like you're best bet is likely going to be argenport splashing primal. You've got some solid removal and silencing in those factions with cards like slay, eilyn's choice and bring down as well as decent units in crownwatch paladin and ravenous thornbeast. Changeestick is also usually a limited bomb even with the spellcraft nerf. If you're not feeling too confident in your cards just wait a week for the next batch of cards, no need to rush into it. If you want, feel free to message me on Discord @GlissBliss93 or add me on Eternal @ Jgliss31+6969 if you need more deckbuilding advice. Best of luck :)
Kabeljaukaiser Eternal Version: 1.43
wow thank u a lot for your comment i will try to built a deck on the weekend probably and report u how it works.
thank u so much