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Budget Combrei aggro (Masters)


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This list is an aggressive Combrei list that is primarily built around the interaction between Grodov Evangel and Sand Warrior. Evangel lets you play Sand Warrior a lot earlier than usual, and getting it out on turn 2 usually wins you the game if your opponent doesn't have Hailstorm.

For 1 drops, District Infantry, Borderlands Lookout, and Gloaming Wisp are the 1-drops of choice. Lookout and Infantry are generally big, solid units, while the Wisp is good mostly because it deals chip damage and bypassed most units.

For 2-drops, I have Resolute Monk, Awakened Student, and Grodov Evangel. Both empower units can deal a lot of damage if left unchecked, with Awakened Student in particular dodging a lot of removal at later health values, while Grodove Evangel has charge to help finish players off and the fate effect to play Sand Warrior out early.

For 3 drops, there's Winchest Merchant, Amaran Stinger, and Blurried Stygimoloch. Winchest Merchant is the only remotely usable merchant for the list and having a merchant is too important not to have (not to mention it flies), Stinger is there because charge, and Stigimoloch gives a big power play to push the game in your favor.

For the market, Stand Together helps set the board up for Stygimoloch plays and helps manage board clears, Auric Runehammer helps burn out unitless control opponents and kills opposing units (mostly merchants), Inquisitor's Blade helps deal damage through clogged boards, Qirin Ascendant deals with attachments, and Prancing Griffin gives something to do when you need to either get 2-3 damage through a clogged board on turn 4 or you need to get past Tocas, Waystone Harvester.

For other cards, Finest Hour is a standard combat trick, Aamri's Choice is there as both a combat trick and as removal, and Teleport is there effectively as removal. We care mostly about tempo and killing the opponent quickly, and most of the time you use Teleport you will usually win the game off of it, especially against midrange decks with slow starts trying to stabilize with Sandstorm Titan or other overstatted 4-drops. For power, this setup is the best I've found to try and balance the need to play cards early and the need to handle the TTTJ influence requirements (TTTJJ if you count the market). Crownwatch Standard also sees play as a tool to swing the game against aggro and close out games against control.

Bad matchups are generally decks with board clears, particularly Hailstorm because the deck can have trouble if it doesn't stick a board early. Aggro can be really good or really bad depending on how much removal the opponent has, while midrange matchups are dependent on how many units they get out before turn 4-5 and partially on how much removal they have. Control depends on whether they have a board clear and/or you get a Stand off before they clear.

Finally, there are some notable exclusions in the list. Alessio doesn't see play because I don't have enough spells to make her more useful than a 1/1 or 2/2, especially without maindeck Stand Togethers. Hojan doesn't see play because I couldn't afford the space for justice sigils. There's also the theory the deck's other empower units suggest Hojan's inclusion, and reduce the number of times your units get hit by spot removal. Stand doesn't see play in the main deck because it's actually hard to secure the board and Stigimoloch is a bit better when you do most of the time.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
3 2

Power Sources
20 17 12

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Deck Rarities
25 35 11

Card Types
42 2 11 0 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


November 15, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.47 - The Flame of Xulta

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ninkaradish Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Can you add some upgrades potentials
ArureTheIncomprehensible Eternal Version: 1.47.8
This deck actually doesn't have a whole lot of upgrade potential because so many of the cards are solid by themselves but work well with others in the deck. As a result, there's no free lunch with most replacements.

Best possibilities would be replacing Gloaming Wisp with Shen Ra, replacing Stinger with Cykalis, and replacing some Time Sigils with Emblem of Grodov. Shen Ra is better on 1, but lacks the burn, card draw, and evasiveness of the Wisp. Cykalis is better burn than Stinger, but waiting for 4 instead of 3 can be a tough sell in an aggro deck. Running Emblems over Sigils provide some better late-game power, but the presence of Seat of Progress might leave you with not enough undepleted power to play cards early.
ninkaradish Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Thank you for the info! Will try this deck out soon
ninkaradish Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Can this deck get Masters for sure?
ArureTheIncomprehensible Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I got to masters. I'm sure you can too.
ninkaradish Eternal Version: 1.47.8
The people (me) are now wondering if you have a budget Expedition deck for Masters
ninkaradish Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I just hit Masters, thank you.
A lot of this deck seems to be gauging if your opening hand is a winner.
Also you have to watch out how you play your power vs what creatures you have
The merchant is clunky and I used the hammer and the pump up/aegis spell the most. The 1/1/ flyer never and the attachment killer only when needed.
You have to know when you can get in for free damage.
I moved in one Be Gone for 1 Teleport, I didn't like seeing 2 Teleports in hand for the most part.
Amaran stinger is a bit weak but a lot of opponents overrate its effectiveness and overreact, you can use this to your advantage.
Overall really cohesive deck and all the parts work together, sometimes clunkily.
Feels good! Easy wins! Praise Arure!
ArureTheIncomprehensible Eternal Version: 1.47.8
I've personally used the 1/1 flier more than the attachment killer, mostly because the 1/1 flier has a really narrow use case that has popped up only a couple times but haven't had situations where I'd need attachment removal. Glad to see Qirin Ascendant working out for you.
GreenEggsandLam Eternal Version: 1.47.8
For non-budget enhancements, would Sword of Unity be too slow for what you're doing?
ArureTheIncomprehensible Eternal Version: 1.47.8
Sword of Unity would definitely be too slow. Usually, the game will end around turns 4-5, either because you killed your opponent or your opponent stabilized. At best, Sword of Unity comes down turn 6, which is not a point we can really turn the game around.

A lot of what makes Sword of Unity work in other Combrei aggro lists is the fact that those other lists have both ramp to get the Sword out earlier and aegis units/aegis providing spells to guarantee a unit to put the Sword on. This deck has no ramp and a single Stand Together in the market to give aegis, so it's a bit hard to get a unit to stick to put the weapon on it.