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A real Pit Post (Pit&Chains the Musical)

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Thanks to Diabolee85, I have come up with a new brew!
I love Torgovs Trading Post. I did since the first day I saw it. Sitting there, all shy and outclassed by that tramp Howling Peak. I noticed you Post. I noticed you. The way you work so well with Hourglass and Wisp. How you can overwhelm one such as I with Pit and Chains. (I hope everyone is paying attention because this is important).
One day, maybe you’ll even have your own special spot in all of our hearts with your ability to function without your own built in methods. (Shots at you, peak). Anyway, the idea is to keep your pieces alive. Post doesn’t like not having friends, and posts bff is hourglass. If post is without hourglass, you’re just losing tempo. You won’t get far. Eventually post is able to move past hourglass, and expand its friend circle to chains and pit. Until that day though, DO. NOT. LET. HOURGLASS. DIE. That’s why we have useful tools, like disjunction in the maindeck. Because post is very handy with tools. Post knows a lot about how to function. Post can even fix your car.


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3 4 3

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14 13 14 16

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9 20 24 18

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18 12 21 4 25

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]

Control Combo

January 11, 2019


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Revisions (Since last major patch) January 11, 2019



vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Edit- my buddy sweaty wizard actually tossed this idea to me a while back and I couldn’t remember where I got it from until today! He’s brilliant, give him love. And possibly Taco Bell. Love=Taco Bell.
eljeffedemagico Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I currently dont have ant marshall ironhorn's.... would you recommend any other cards? Eternity core? the unit that gives power cards echo. obviously those are not as strong, but want to give it a chance to see if i want to craft them. thanks for any help offered.
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
TBH marshal is probably the weakest card here. It feels good having marshal on board, gaining two power and triggering chains/pit twice. Replacing him shouldn’t effect the deck at all. In fact the only key cards are post,hourglass. The rest is totally up to you! Try whatever you want and if you can fix the consistency issue I have pls let me know!(:
DarkRider Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I really want to play with this spicy meatball but that’s a lot of shiftstone
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
The key cards are post+hourglass. Everything else is basically filler. It’s just what I thought would work well. Try building it however you want just make sure you have some form of threat in here. I prioritize JFC because he has aegis, and if you stick a chains with JFC it’s almost guaranteed a win. Try whatever you think works. It’s just a super fun deck no matter how you build it. I even built a new one with alessi in it.
ArKan3 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I feel ya. I mean i have 1 Trading Post, 1 Chain and 1 Feast-Caller but that's it right now for the Leggo's :(
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Try building in Shadow with the the end is near and hourglass? I’ve been tinkering with that concept for a little bit now.
Crylorenzo Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Love Post! Crafted 4 of them within the first few days - love it!
VaylinArcher Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I'm of the same mind as you...Post has some def untapped potential. I'm currently saving up for my set of them and I am looking forward to trying out some builds with them. I do have a question though...did you test out Forgotten Find?
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I’ve really considered it. I think when I was building this I had it in the deck but it took the chopping block and was replaced with JFC to feel more competitive. So far it’s holding its own surprisingly well against FJS and AP mid, I’m 50-50 against peaks. I just need to learn my deck a little better.
Diablolee85 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Ohohh, This is spicy! I wanna be friends with post too! +1 for the name alone! This deck makes me want to actually make the card.... Decisions, decisions
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I’m gonna be honest, it’s a freaking blast. Let me know how things go with that shadow version you mentioned!
Diablolee85 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
I would like you to know how much of a pain in the arse this is to play agaisnt! Im making posts asap. Since Marshall isnt super important, what about 2 crowns in his place? Mixed with the titans would be over the top lol
vampikachu Eternal Version: 1.42.2
Hmmmm, maybe... I for some reason get titans off the top usually within 5 draws. Which seems... wrong lol but if it keeps that consistency than I think crown would rock! Personally more control almost feels needed. But who knows.
Diablolee85 Eternal Version: 1.42.2
True, I just have a thing with crown....I literally try it in every thing