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4C Nonsense (7-1, Draft)

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A four color greedpile that ended up doing pretty well in Draft.

P1P1 Roosting Warhawk from a rather unexciting pack. Picked up Tremorshocker, Horn of Plenty, and Corrupted Behemoth in the rest of the pack, which put me pretty firmly into time, but I wasn't sure about other factions. I took a few insignias as well, including two Praxis Insignia, to help with any potential splashes.

P2P1 was Waystone Infuser followed that up with Bottoms Up and Conflagrate, which put me into Praxis... but I also encountered a few spicy splashes, such as Duelist's Blade and a 13th-pick Emerald Ring, which really shouldn't even happen. I ended pack 2 thinking I was Praxis, probably splashing Primal, but there were also some nice Justice cards I wanted to play.

P3 and P4, I focused on filling out the deck with more premium removal, tricks, and fixing. Overall, I was pretty happy with the deck - very high card quality, and a surprisingly consistent power base.

Playing the games, things generally went pretty smoothly. Had some awkward times when I was missing a faction (usually Justice), but I was careful to make sure all my Justice and Primal cards were worth playing in the lategame. Was usually able to hit the board early, keep the board relatively under control with a mix of removal, trades, and relic weapons, and then close things out. The one game I lost was a standard bad beats story - drew too much power and not enough units.

MVP: the powerbase. Seriously, it cooperated way better than I could have possibly expected it to. There were some games I hit all my influence requirements by turn 3. Almost all of the deck was Praxis, there was only one double-influence card, and the splash cards all functioned fine off-curve, so that helped a lot.

Fun fact: despite running Pearl Abbey Smuggler, I completely forgot to add a market. Derp. Fortunately, I never drew the Smuggler in any of my games, so this didn't end up being relevant.


Shiftstone Cost
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Influence Requirements
1 2 1 1

Power Sources
9 9 4 5 8

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Deck Rarities
23 10 2

Card Types
17 5 5 0 18


September 3, 2019


Eternal Version
Dark Frontier

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