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A stunning deck (soldier aggro)

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This is the deck I arrived to after messing around with the last promo (broken card as hell). The idea is to play as many soldiers as possible, and boost them enough that you out-body your oponent's units, or you can win fast enough by stunning their board. As for the cards themselves:
Genetor Dovid I is the ideal 2 drop, and the glue that keeps everything running smoothly. It can replace itself almost every time, and is basically unkillable the turn it's played. Great imbue target for Maveloft Huntress (always atack first if you can!)
Maveloft Huntress is outstanding, but you already knew this. In the deck, she's the main weapon against big endurance units, so be mindful of when to best make use of her.
Tactical Superiority is there to finish off stunned units and to replenish your hand. Drawing 3 the same match feels bad, but plunder makes it manageable. 4 of them because it allowes you to outgrind more controlly decks.
Call On Allies can win you games by turn 4-5, if you are able to play it turn 3, on 2-3 units. It works great with small soldiers, keeping them relevant. It also makes sure you keep drawing gas. 3 of them because having 4 makes it a bit too likely to draw too many of them, alongside Tactical Superiority. You won't need more than one each game.
Argo's Technique is being tested (I only have two of them). On paper, it seems great. But I find it hard to cut any of the other stuff out, and I don't want to reduce the chance of Genetor Dovid I hitting something to draw.

What do you think? What would make this deck better (other than the powerbase, which will be updated shortly)? Right know it can get to the boss 2/3 times, I'd say, and making good time. I can't help but feel it could be better. I do like that it's quite cheap, at least in comparison to my other decks...

Edit: changed the power base so that it can more consistently play Maveloft Huntress on turn 2. Replaced Argo's Technique with Martial Efficiency, which I think works better (thanks for the suggestion).


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Awakening [Set1095]


February 4, 2021

February 2, 2021


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Empire of Glass

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metaBrook Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I think this is the best Hooru Soldiers deck for gauntlet we've seen yet. Nice work.
ElmoLesto Eternal Version: 21.02.11
Thank you! I really enjoyed playing the deck, but it's far from perfected. With the new set, I'm testing some decks involving the new sentinel. Hopefully I'll post something decent soon.
metaBrook Eternal Version: 21.02.11
I'm pretty sure that the weak link here is Covenant Peacekeeper. Either cheaper soldier unit or plain stun maybe? idk. looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Splee Edited Eternal Version: 21.01.13
5 straight runs and the only change I made was to add Invasive Species to the market and fiddled with the power. I never ran up against the endurance lists. There was lots of card counting, but this is a real winner. I'll update with Martial Efficiency too. It allows you to buff on attack Genetor Dovid I and provides another amplify boost for Maveloft Elite. Frostclaw Rider might be an alternate for Skimmer Wrangler as it should always cost 4.
Splee Eternal Version: 21.01.13
A simple and cheap deck that gave me a 7 win run in the first try. Perhaps a spot could be found for Builder's Decree or Martial Efficiency to help deal with those big endurance units cutting Covenant Peacekeeper
Tactical Superiority is really the star of this deck.
ElmoLesto Eternal Version: 21.01.13
Thanks for your comment! I feel builder's decree would be great if the deck got to 5 power consistently, but in my experience, you usually get stuck on 4. On the other hand, tactical superiority is a really interesting card for sure, I'll test it out! (the only possible drawback I can think of is that the deck runs many spells that need you to have a unit on board -> no units = dead draws) (I think I'd rather cut Entangling vines?)