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There are some decks with a pile of bomb rares, premium removal, and card advantage... then fall on their face because you draw terribly and get influence screwed every game. Then you have decks like this, with a pile of cheap commons that somehow goes 7-0.

Seriously, I have no idea how that happened. I spent a bunch of early picks raredrafting (my unplayed pile contains heavy hitters like Abominate, Learned Imitator, and Delay), then scrambled to get enough playables to fill out the deck.

....on the plus side, the curve turned out surprisingly well - lots of cheap units meant I was able to curve out fairly consistently, and being heavily skewed towards justice meant that my influence wasn't actually that terrible.

MVP: Divebomb, which got a ton of value by winning a ton of combats. Seriously, no one ever plays around Divebomb, and it pretty much guarantees your units will survive.

Highlight: Invoking Wind Conjuring... on an enemy unit, to turn on From Anguish. Got a Rolant's Honor Guard off the invoke, which was enough to win - fortunate, because I was otherwise out of cards, boardless, and topdecking. #sometimeslucky


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1 2 2

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4 7 11 2

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19 9 3

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16 3 10 0 19


September 12, 2020


Eternal Version

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