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TJS Makto Control

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This deck generally plays like Big combrei but it feels even stronger with Makto now. The addition of steward is really important since it really crushes the other Makto decks around (and there are plenty :D). With Desert marshal, suffocate, slay and vanquish together with all the solid units, you should be able to stand most of the current openings. Hooru flyers with aegises might be a bit nasty ( i haven't got a big enough samplesize on this but on theory it might be still decent, because with Vara's favour you can take away his aegises. But you should keep them if possible).
When the game goes late it feels like the deck rarely lose to anything.
Hope you have success with it, im still trying it at diamond with pretty good winrate.
If u have any suggestions on improvements, feel free to comment :)

>>>Why no Sandstorm Titan? Since this Deck finishes with Makto and Parliaments, he simply diminishs the offensive potential, whereas he isn't really better defensive-wise (why Steward is "the shit" in the current meta, I explained already), unless you play against flying heavy decks. But with Desert Marshal and all the removal + the own flying units that shouldn't be a real problem.


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July 21, 2017

July 20, 2017


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Omens of the Past

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