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Feln Control

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Post Dead Reckoning take on Feln Control. Play 4 Rindra if you don't like gift. I have just been playing against a lot of armory and JPS removal pile. In Cold Blood is great. Save for the things that matter if you can. Unseen Commando, Whirling Duo, Tavrod, Icaria, Makto. Things like that. Enjoy.


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2 3

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21 16 12

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23 15 17 11

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15 5 30 0 25

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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


March 9, 2018


Eternal Version
Dead Reckoning

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Melfice Eternal Version: 1.29
Feln Control is my favorite type of decks, and I'm happy to see people updating the deck lists! I'm going to give this deck a try, and see how it goes on the ladder.
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cahoots Eternal Version: 1.29
Big Feln has a really solid top-end nowadays, I don't even miss Vara all that much, tbh. Although I do miss when Scouting Party was still cool.

For Tournament play, what would be your sub of choice for Cold Blood?
dchev1 Eternal Version: 1.29
Feeding Time or Deathstrike depending on what kind of things you care about more. Fast speed is nice, but killing things like Makto is important too. 2/2 split maybe
cahoots Eternal Version: 1.29

another note on playing with your list: counterspells are *insanely* good in this deck.