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7-1 Draft, April 7 2019

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My initial idea was to play basically the following strategies:

1) Inspiring units to get Berserk through Dusk Raider during the early stage to lead mid/late game
2) Early board control or taking lead in damage race with Kerendon Steward. Siraf's Beacon for more bonus if your units on board reaches 3 or more with rats.
3) Using Blood Quill to recover life by attaching with Berserk units mid/late game
4) Haunted Scream to finish the game with one of the Berserk Units or follow up with Dark Return to finish with a unit that gained charge and flying.

Taking note of some of the common/uncommon cards that performed well:

- Dusk Raider
- Blood Quill
- Kerendon Steward
- Civic Peace Keeper

One of the key concepts in draft is to analyze which factions are available at an early stage and collect the cost-friendly, high-tier commons and uncommons. In this context It was fortunate for me to get a good number of Dusk Raiders and Kerendon Steward. I almost always try to get Civic Peace Keeper these days if I am playing Justice as it is one of the best Empower Skills for late game out there.


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April 7, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.45 - Homecoming

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