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(Budget) Red Deck Wins

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Eternal Brew


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Aggressive all in deck with nice synergy and sudden death factor.

Game Plan:
Play on curve and go in with early damage. After turn 3 you have options to get some Berserk and Double Damage attacks.
Few strategies to be successive with a deck:
- Don't play Battlefront Dasher first turn, unless you have no units to play turn 2.
- We can't play Volatile Grenadin turn 2 due to the faction requirements, but we can play it turn 3 and play Battlefront Dasher for instant 6 damage value.
- Most important, aspect is to play buffs the right time. Buff with fast spells after attack or even blocks declared, this way with our Overwhelm buffs we can push for potentially a lot of damage.
- Do not preserve Mightweaver, use him as a distruction during attack, coz he most certanely will be blocked. So you can use this distraction to buff your most valuable damage unit.

Cards & Reasoning:
- Autotread: scaling unit with Aegis pop potential.
- Battlefront Dasher: cunning unit with some great synergies, coz he can buff other units as well.
- Cinder Sprite: really aggressive unit, both good turn 2 and later on when we can buff it with Mightweaver.
- Passionate Stonehammer: probably most aggressive unit in our deck, especially considering all buffs we have in deck.
- Volatile Grenadin: potential 5/5 for permanent Mightweaver buff.
- Mightweaver: really powerful buff.
- Youngblood Glider: new addition with evasive and 5 attack body.

- Chemical Rounds: damage spell, use it according to situation.
- Kaleb's Intervention: main deck relic removal and a cheap proactive buff.
- Caravan Delivery: new market access, great addition to the game. We have fast speed battle tricks with it.
- Rampage: buff with reach.
- Scythe Slash: buff with reach and utility.

- Beacon of War: good way to push for 5 attack requirement and way to disable blockers.

- Cleave: more relic removal with upside.
- Relentless Pursuit: combat trick with wide buff.
- Sear: combat trick and possible finisher.
- Touch of Force: killing factor for sudden death with upside.
- Flash Fire: classic, boom headshot.

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26 45

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28 2 25 0 25


January 19, 2023


Eternal Version
Behemoths of Thera

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EnForceR Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Is there any way to boost card draw for this deck since there is Autotread?
Hexxen Eternal Version: 23.01.18
I use excess power cards and grenadines from waystone. I rarely have autotread buffed more than 1 time coz I have better things to do during my turn or it gets killed.
EnForceR Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Yeah it's okay but i personally would at least add Bore to deal with Permafrost or Mystical Shackles, you can use it & then buff Autotread before it's discarded in the end of your turn. Also there is Catalyze & Covetous Stranger to keep a move on.
Hexxen Edited Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Right. But it's a Budget deck. I can't use rare+ cards and can't use campaign cards as well. And Autotread is not a central card in this deck.
EnForceR Eternal Version: 23.01.18
Yeah, you right. Some shiftstones richer players may add it later. Anyways wanted to thank you 4 a job, really nice combos with a lot of damage.