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TPS Lifeforce Carpetshuffle

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Heal, heal, heal... BOOM! Stabilize the board with walls and heals and eventually start reversing your healing blessings with Xenan Fanatic. Currently playing this in the top 300 masters with a 50% winrate.

7/16 Edit: Dropped one Excavate and added 1 Hatecleaver to the mainboard, as it can become another win condition and can combo off with Camel and Priest leading to some massive board control, armor and damage.


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2 2 2

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13 11 12 11

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22 32 3 4

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27 3 20 0 25


July 17, 2017

July 16, 2017


Eternal Version
Omens of the Past

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VaylinArcher Eternal Version: 1.22.3
Pretty nice deck you have. I tried it out as well, but I also do not have the Ayans to add. For me though, it feels like something is missing. I know that having the Ayans would definitely help a lot, but I don't feel like I have enough board control. I see how Oasis Seeker fits in the deck, but dang is he chunkable. That 2 def makes him easy to pop. So I swapped out for 2 Argenport Instigators and left 1 OS. Of course with that, you're leaving potential life gain out, but removes any spells that deal 2 damage. All that said, my current build is definitely vulnerable to aggro types since I don't have the Ayans.
CaptainTeembro Eternal Version: 1.22.4
Sorry it took so long to respond, been busy with life. Ayan is definitely a big helper with the aggro decks, but also remember you have Camels for walls and can chump or buy time with other units if need be. Usually against aggro decks you will take a couple of hits on turns 1-4, but should stabilize after then. If the opponent just so happens to have a triple torch in their hand to kill the Camels and anything else that tries to block, that'd be GG for most decks so don't let that get you down.

Honestly, the main fault with the deck comes from the opening hands. I'd say 70% of opening hands are really good while the other 30% is all draw and no walls or benefits from drawing. It happens to everyone. Glad you've liked it so far though!

Instigator is also pretty good for getting early damage in. Yes, you sacrificed some healing triggers for it, but some match ups I can definitely see it helping depending on the meta.
Clockwork Eternal Version: 1.22
Hey i dont have dust for Ayan atm any replacements?
CaptainTeembro Eternal Version: 1.22
Though I find Ayan the most efficient due to ambush (can intercept weapon attacks on Fanatic or ambush it in to set up your Fanatic combo on your turn) I would probably replace her with 3 Hatecleavers and either a fourth Cult Aspirant or another removal spell of your choice. The Hatecleavers will get multiple triggers from Camels when you begin to shuffle, causing your weapon to grow to absurd amounts and becoming a second win condition, similarly to how the Cult Aspirants work (who are more so for early game aggression that can either snowball or force your opponents to use up most of their removal so they don't have it for your Fanatics or Ayan later). The extra removal (my choice would be Permafrost due to the revenge decks running around) would be to just help you stabilize a little bit more before the combo goes off, though if you decide to go with even 4 Hatecleavers that could also become a nice secondary win condition. Just remember though that one less 3 drop could really throw off the curve at times as well, since being to ambush aggro on turn three and getting a free kill + life is a huge tempo swing in your favor.
Clockwork Eternal Version: 1.22
Thanks for replying i really love the deck ill be sure to get the ayans when i have the dust for it!
CaptainTeembro Eternal Version: 1.22
No problem at all. I actually traded out one Excavate from my main list and added one Hatecleaver, as I've been playing around with it and it can actually get out of hand quite fast with Camel (not to mention double Camel). It's also nice to survive a Harsh Rule with a massive weapon equipped. Glad you are liking the deck so far though!
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