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Grixis (FPS) Burn

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Burn is one of my favorite archetypes in TCGs so after some playing around with both a Skycrag and Stonescar list, I decided to just mash both of them together. Unfortunately, doing this makes our powerbase very awkward (be prepared to sometimes get color-screwed) and slow. The main idea of this deck is very simple; throw spells at your opponents face until they die and pray you're faster before you run out of gas.

We're not running many troops in order to have our opponent's removal be mainly dead draws. All the troops we are actually running have charge for immediate value or have some other benefit (merchant is obvious and ticking grenadin is usually just extra torches to the face).

The market can be played around with but the only absolute mandatory card is Factory Quota. You will straight up lose to lifesteal dorks without it. This card can sometimes single-handily let you beat this deck's nemesis: Vara, Vengeance-Seeker

The banner is mainly to color-fix; all of our good burn spells require double fire and Champion of fury wants double primal

Combust is emergency removal; sometimes we can't let that Deepforged-plate merchant or Xo sit on the field.

Hailstorm lets us blow out aggro or tokens which are rough matchups although Torrential Downpour might be better, I haven't tested it.

Backlash doubles as a burn spell as well as protection against removal or sweepers.

Cards to grab: Hailstorm, Combust, Factory Quota (against Rakano)
Aggro can be pretty tough; our powerbase is clunky and they can often just run us over as we're color-fixing due to an abundance of depleted power. However lifesteal threats/spells of our own gives us game against aggro decks. Try to keep hands with Grief, Extract, Torch (obv), and especially Highwayman. And whatever you due KILL HOJAN ON SIGHT

Cards to grab: Backlash, Factory Quota (against FJS/Xenan)
For the most part, midrange decks are pretty even. Usually midrange piles run a bit too much removal that makes them have a slow clock against us. Ixtun (barring the rare Whirling Duo) and Jennev run no lifegain at all meaning our spells/units are very real clocks against them and we can put them into lethal range from a burn spell off the top.

The tough part comes from FJS and Xenan/Kerendon decks running baby Vara. We absolutely cannot beat this card so make sure you try to merchant a Factory Quota to at least try and race before Bore/Banish/Disjunction comes down.

What to grab: Backlash
I'm grouping these all together because they pretty much are the same as far as we're concerned. These are usually good matchups for us. With no opposing clock for the most part from all of these, we have free reign to simply pelt our opponent with all we got. Our units almost always get in if you play them when the opponent has no power up and our deck is so redundant and inevitable that no amount of removal/counterspells/discard will stop us. Another good thing is that our reach can easily beat otherwise unbeatable board states (like obliterating your opponent for lethal when they went off with reanimator and put a million dudes into play or staring down a bunch of guys pumped by Martyr's Chains)

Other options
Just some other random cards that I've tried/can be run

Bore (in the market): Usually not great, we can usually remove small units before they get equipped and if you haven't finished off a deck that's running something like Chains or Pit of Lenekta by the time they get it, you're probably dead anyway.

Piercing Shot: Not that bad, helps the aggro matchup by being removal and reach, but it just never feels amazing. Can probably be swapped in for Grief to go even more unitless

Signal Flare: I ran this for a while and it's just not good enough. It hitting site's is irrelevant for the most part (we need all the burn to the face) and it's not fast. Decent if you want to improve against aggro though.

Card draw (Wisdom of the Elders/Strategize): Simply too slow for the most part. We need to kill our opponent ASAP and drawing cards is turns not killing our opponent. I guess you can run these if you want to crush control harder.

Madness: Can easily steal you games (especially against Timedudes.dek) but it's mediocre without sac effects. Definitely worth considering if you want.

Bandit Queen: Our deck doesn't go wide enough for Queens effect to matter so she's often just a bad Highwayman. Still a decent choice as 4 power quickdraw/charge is alright even for a turn

Censari Brigand: With no way to pump this, this card is often mediocre and trades down too much. It's still viable if you want to run it.

Oni Ronin: Good ol onion boy is alright. However, he's a horrible topdeck and warcry means little with how little troops we're running

Vara, Vengeance-Seeker: The main reason to run this is to pop Aegis (especially face aegis) which is a problem. It's always a good card but it turns on our opponents removal really well and is slow for what we want to do.

If you want to run an aggro deck that's a little different (although not super top-tier), I suggest giving this deck a shot. Topdecking a burn them all right when the opponent slams that Xo that was going to lethal you is really fun and knowing when to go face or remove units with your spells also gives this deck some interesting decisions compared to some other aggro decks.


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Dead Reckoning [Set1003]


April 3, 2019


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