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Hailstorm/Ice Bolt Lethal >=O

Throne Deck By
Team Rankstar


Cost Curve




Shiftstone Cost
Does not include campaign cost

Premium Cost

Influence Requirements
4 3

Power Sources
19 23 16

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Deck Rarities
14 29 24 4 5

Card Types
16 0 34 4 26

Contains Cards From Campaigns
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


January 12, 2022


Eternal Version
Cold Hunt

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maslovk Edited Eternal Version: 22.01.13
I really want to see some footage of spell control games because I love the archetype but it seems every single deck can beat it.
Comment Deleted
EnvoyArcher Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Can you give a brief rundown of the ideal strat here?
Slepher Edited Eternal Version: 21.12.16
It’s essentially your typical Spellcrag control deck but you have another “combo” to close games as well. The “combo” involves assembling a Double Damage and Overwhelm Ice Bolt (preferably) or Hailstorm (niche). This can be done with Prodigious Sorcery and eventually Touch of Wild on whichever. Garden allows you to have the spell package for tutoring what you need and now prevents your opponents from protecting themselves with FAegis against your spell damage. Garden also prevents primal opponents from negating your spell damage or draw effects etc. Of course you also have the old fashioned win conditions Prodigious Sorcery with Torches as well as being able use Hurler/Merchants/Xo with Skycrag Heirloom. I won’t tout this as an absurd deck but it does interesting things and certainly has powerful potential for anybody who can master it. This kind of deck is much more potent when you are knowledgeable of your opponent’s deck and what to play around.
psly4mne Eternal Version: 21.12.16
Touch of Wild on Bladerang woulld be a fun kill, getting double damage overwhelm on all your spells. You could alternatively play Heavy Artillery as a Touch of Wild that doesn't require a unit.
Slepher Eternal Version: 21.12.16
For a short while I did have one Touch of Force as well but realized it was kind of unnecessary due to Prodigious Sorcery, and I never wanted to draw it. For the same reason I think Touch of the Wilds may be better in the Market to grab when I 100% have a unit, but for now this works fine.
Slepher Eternal Version: 21.12.16
These are both interesting ideas and fit the combo theme, possibly market considerations. Im hesitant to play relic weapons in general since we aren’t actually great at protecting them from “kill a relic” effects or charge units. Touch as a spell fits the Garden/Re-Read/Prodigious Sorcery package well and is more resilient (hopefully) to disruption since it is a permanent effect.