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Revised erik Control

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Influence Requirements
4 3

Power Sources
17 19 9

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Deck Rarities
10 26 27 9

Card Types
10 5 39 1 27

Contains Cards From Campaigns
The Tale of Horus Traver [Set1002]
Dead Reckoning [Set1003]
Homecoming [Set1005]


June 9, 2019


Eternal Version
v1.46 - Dark Frontier

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Gandalf Eternal Version: 1.46.7
I was desperate to see how erik9099 had adapted his Hooru Control post nerfs. I'd amended his old list as above, and I actually prefer this.

I hope you all enjoy this deck as much as I enjoyed erik's original!
Erik9099 Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.7
Hey Gandalf,
I like some of the changes to this list, although others are a bit puzzling to me.
I've been trying to fit in a copy of re-read in my list for some time now, so I'm a big fan of it here. I also like the idea of maindecking royal decree, as that card feels like our only good answer to a myriad of problematic cards like Big Svetya, Sediti, Relic Weapons, Tasibu, Flame Blast, Scourge of Frosthome, and any combo deck. Lastly, I think going down to 3 copies of Sanctum is a very interesting idea. The card is our main win-condition, but it is pretty awkward in multiples and we really only want it once we've taken control of the board. I'll have to experiment with the idea, although I am hesitant to cut such an incredible card against so many decks.
All that said, I'm surprised you don't have more copies of royal decree in the maindeck, and/or one in the market. It's probably the card I most often get from the market, and if you're going to play it in the maindeck I'd go with 2-3 copies to be honest.
I also see you've mixed up your early-game interaction a bit, and although I am a big fan of Eilyn's Choice and Unseal in certain situations, I think that the incredible efficiency of Permafrost is impossible to pass up.
I'm a big fan of JFC (Jotun Feast-Caller) in most decks, but I'm not sure how good he is here. Since we have so few units, I feel its very likely that our opponents will have 2+ useless removal spells stuck in hand to use on our feastcaller. Even in the control mirror I dont see him being that great. What's your reasoning on him?
Lastly, I'm not a fan of how you've organized your merchants. Chain in the market is a cool idea that I've tried before, but you really can't afford to have 3 win-conditions (Chains, Palace, and Scourge) in the market. Scourge is best at winning on its own, and Palace is great for giving a board of useless sanctum tokens berserk and OTKing the opponent, so Chains has felt like the weakest of the 3. If you cut the market chains, you can also remove Winchest merchant, which just has a terrible body, and go up to 4 copies of Jennev Merchant, which has a much better body.
Lastly, I noticed you cut a copy of Honor of Claws. I think HoC is the best card in the deck by far, since it just draws 3 cards for 4 power, which is absolutely insane. I would cut either strategize or wisdom before cutting HoC.
Most importantly however, I love people taking my list and experimenting with their own changes. Although I'm not a fan of many of these changes on first glance, I have no way of truly knowing how good/bad they are before actually playing games with them. In fact, your changes have given me several ideas on how to improve my own list, so thank you for that :)
Gandalf Edited Eternal Version: 1.46.7
I love that you replied, and in all honesty I changed the deck to double down on the holy Sanctum-Palace-Chains trinity, hence the two types of merchant, as an experiment. Had the experiment failed, that would have been that, but it's wildly overtaken expectations, much like your deck did. I can only say try it and see.

The Honor of claws, yes I wanted 4 and had 4, but I had no room then for Re-read, and it occured to me Re-read WAS your 4th Claws, or Pristine Light, or 5th Harsh Rule, or 2nd Royal Decree, as long as it came late. Again, it was a gamble that paid off and helped your deck, which stumbled a bit with the nerfs.

Feastcaller - well, I felt having at least one critter big enough for Palace to really help create a giant was reason enough, but the fact it can hopefully draw cards for you too is the icing on the cake, I just love this fella and missed him so much. But again, if it hadn't worked he'd be out by now.

I remember now sacrifices had to be made for the extra 2 merchants and the Feastcallers, that's probably the reason for the 1 ofs and only 3 Honor the Claws.
Erik9099 Eternal Version: 1.46.7
If they work for you, then more power to you! I'm definitely planning to try adding a pair of rereads to my list, I like the idea of being able to reread royal decree against decks with multiple tough-to-answer threats, like the rakano deck with sediti and big svetya that beat me in the finals of the ETS. I would 100% play honor of claws over wisdom of the elders or strategize though, I'd rather have 8 copies of HoC than 4 HoC and 4 strategize to be honest. You might want to go up on jotun hurlers aswell since you have 6 merchants.
Cheers :)