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Xenan Hourglass

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This is the deck I've been playing in expedition all this month (with minor changes), with reasonable success. I think of this as the expedition version of throne reanimator; there are obvious differences, but you have the same basic game plan of playing assorted small units to keep you alive while setting up and then taking over with a crushing Vara chain.

The key card in the deck is Arcanum Hourglass; this fills a similar role to Grasping at Shadows in throne reanimator in that it is a way to cheat Vara out as early as turn 5 without being vulnerable to unit removal the way High Prophet of Sol is. As an indication of how important Hourglass is, a couple words about keep/mull decisions: I mull to 7 the vast majority of opening hands without Hourglass, and I'll happily keep a hand that is missing a color instead of mulling to 6 if it has Hourglass. (I'll also keep reasonable non-Hourglass hands over going to 6, and non-Hourglass hands can certainly win, but the Hourglass ones are so much better.)

The rest of the deck consists of fairly standard self-mill/cultist stuff. The most important cards in the market are Immortalize, which effectively gives you twice as many ways of finding that critical first Vara, and Temple, which is great in a lot of "fair" games while also being convenient for finishing off the game with a killer chain after going off with Vara.

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Does not include campaign cost

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2 3

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15 16 8 4

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13 16 27 13

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40 4 8 1 27

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Promises by Firelight [Set1007]


January 13, 2020


Eternal Version
v1.49 - Promises by Firelight

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Tracaine Eternal Version: 1.49.3
Why isn't there a copy of disjunction in the market in case you discard or lose your hourglass or need to deal with vanquisher's blade or adjudicator 's gavel? Is there a reason I'm not seeing?